The richness I achieve comes from nature, the source of my inspiration. -Claude Monet
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About Blue Tree Landscaping, Montgomery County, PA

Blue Tree Landscaping, founded in 1983, specializes in creating outdoor spaces that respect and enhance the natural beauty of your property and maintain the integrity of your surroundings. With awards from prestigious organizations like PLNA (Pennsylvania Landscape and Nurseryman’s Association) and Suburban Home and Garden, Blue Tree stands out among our peers.

The Power of Landscaping
Landscaping has the power to transform a home – heightening the simple pleasures of being outdoors. A lovely, well-manicured landscape will increase the value of your home as an investment. All Blue Tree garden landscape projects are carefully planned to be appropriate for local climate conditions and are designed to provide enduring natural beauty for many years to come.

On our first visit, we will study your existing landscape, and discuss your needs and dreams, from installing an in ground pool, to creating the perfect landscape lighting environment that suits the way you use your outdoor space, to designing your perfect garden. Our clients include property owners who want to preserve and restore existing landscapes, homeowners seeking a complete landscape scheme for a newly constructed residence, and those who fall somewhere in-between. Our role is to create a customized plan for your unique home site and lifestyle.

Landscape Design and Installation
Someone famous once said that if you don’t have a plan, any path will take you there. This is especially true when it comes to designing a plan for your outdoor space. Every good landscape starts with a plan that considers your existing canvas, how you use your space, and your budget. We work with you to design a landscape that reflects your personal lifestyle.

Garden Landscape
Shrubs, plants, a new hardscape backdrop or pool deck. Clients who call us for help with their garden landscape might want all of these things. Blue Tree will work out a personalized plan to meet your needs.

Patio, Gazebo, Pergolas and Retaining Walls
In the business, we call these structures hardscape. Whether you’re looking for a paver solution or a natural stone finish, if you can describe it, we can build it for you. Working with state of the art materials, we’ll construct an environment that beautifully ties your outdoor living space together.

In Ground Pool Installation
Yes, our clients here in the Northeast are building in ground swimming pools to get relief from the dog days of summer! And Blue Tree is handling pool design, installation, and the landscaping that goes along with the project.

Landscape Lighting
Lighting can have a dramatic effect on the look of your landscape. Talk to us about creating a new look for your existing landscape or installing lighting as part of your next back yard renovation project.

Lawn Care
A service that is always in demand at Blue Tree. From routine turf maintenance to keep your grass green and weed free, to the installation of complex irrigation sprinkler systems, you’ll be proud to have the best lawn in the neighborhood!

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