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August 2015 Newsletter

august 2015 newsletter

A Message from Jeff…

In the Green…And Loving It

You have to love nature to do what we do. We enjoy the trees, the shrubs, and…believe it or not, even the hard work. It’s why we started in this business. And it is part of the reason we believe our professional care is so important to preserving the beauty and usefulness of the earth we all share.

We apply our years of education and experience, plus our understanding of the local weather, soils and plants, to every job. This means we’re often able to prevent problems, and treat those that do appear in the most responsible way. The “hit-or-miss” approach is eliminated, and your property stays healthier and more beautiful as a result.

Getting it right the first time eliminates guesswork and waste. Truly professional care is the best way to keep our earth green…not just for today…but also for all of the generations to come.

Don’t Let Their Size Fool You…Your Trees are Thirsty!

In the heat of the summer, just keeping the lawn and flowerbeds
properly watered can be a challenge. It is important, though, to
make sure your landscape’s largest investments – trees and
shrubs – are getting the same attention.

Large, mature trees may seem like they can withstand
anything, but dry conditions can cause leaves to wilt or
fall and may result in permanent damage. Young trees
or new plantings are especially susceptible to drought.
Providing your trees and shrubs with a much-needed
drink this time of year doesn’t mean a lot of extra
work. Products like tree rings, drip bags, and soaker
hoses make the process very low-maintenance. A
long, slow watering once a week during the height of
summer is all most trees and shrubs need.
For the best results, remember that most of the tree’s
water-absorbing roots are located at the plant’s drip line,
or the area underneath the outermost branches. Few of these
“hair roots” are near the trunk.

Don’t leave your trees and shrubs out to dry this summer. They’ll
appreciate the extra attention!