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Must-Have Tools For The Home Gardener

Garden ToolsWhen you think about gardening, you think about plants. You think about how these tiny little seeds will grow into fresh tomato plants or beautiful zinnias. What many gardeners don’t realize before they put the seeds in the ground is how much work it takes to get those seeds to mature into the plants you desire. It is always a rewarding experience in the end, but there are a few gardening tools that are essential to your garden, because they make your life, and often your knees, a lot easier on you.

The Basics

Regardless of whether you are growing vegetables, flowers, or both, you’ll need very basic things like gloves, a wheelbarrow, and a watering can that is weighted and shaped to your preference. Any shovel will get the job done, but a gardening-specific shovel with a leveraged rubber handle is worth buying. Combine all this with a non-tangle hose, and your gardening experience can get off to a great start. No matter what you’re growing, the right set of tools is a great way to start your life as the neighborhood green thumb.

For The Advanced Gardener

A good pair of pruners is worth spending a little more. A bad pair will just send you back to the store to replace them within a year or two anyway: the blades get dull quickly, or the spring gives out. If you’re looking to grow peapods, green beans, or anything that requires precision cutting in small areas, a reliable set of pruners is crucial.

But before you even plant your seeds, it’s vital that you prepare the soil for the growing season. A high-quality garden rake makes spreading nutrient-rich compost an easy task. You should also have a tiller to ensure that nutrients are evenly distributed throughout your soil as well as to get the compost down into the all-important root systems.

Also consider:

  • a lightweight power trimmer
  • high-quality compression gloves
  • a mounted sprinkler system


A gardener will end up on his or her hands and knees for a good portion of the time spent in even the smallest garden. Getting a device called a “Knee Saver” allows you to remain mobile in the garden without constantly putting pressure on your knees. Basically, it’s a lightweight pad to carry around with you to kneel on as needed. It’s a small item that costs little and makes a world of difference.

Another thing you can do to make gardening a little easier on your body is to invest in a standing weed puller. Every garden requires some weeding. Although there are things you can do to minimize your weed problem, chances are you’re going to have to pull some by hand. That’s why a standing weed puller is a great way to stay on your feet and still get rid of those nasty weeds.