3 Landscaping Maintenance Tips for Your Home

3 Landscaping Maintenance Tips for Your HomeIf you want to keep your home landscape clean and tidy this summer, you’ll need a plan of attack. Spend less time working on your yard, and more time enjoying it with these tips:


Landscape Maintenance Tips

The Mulch Volcano

Do you dump a mound of fresh mulch around the trees in your yard? A pile so tall it looks like a mini-volcano? If so, that’s just the beginning of the items you can check off of your to-do list. Instead of wasting time over-fertilizing and over-mulching, you should take stock of what you have—and what you really need. You will save time and money. It’s a win-win.

See the Plants Grow

Figure out how you want the new flower bed to fill in before you buy too many plants (or far too few). The plants you purchase will likely need some help every now and then. Make sure you choose the right location for these plants, taking into consideration the balance of the soil, the amount of sun, how much water they will receive, and what your schedule typically looks like during the time they need more TLC. Some plants, like wave petunias, will need a bit of extra help as they bloom. Other plants, like groundcovers, need more maintenance after they are first planted.

Use It or Lose It

Make a list of yard-related chores that you’ve been meaning to get to, but just haven’t found the time for. Add weeding, checking the lawnmower, and pruning dead tree branches to the list. Tackle them in the order of importance. For instance, you will want to get your lawnmower in good shape for the summer ahead, so put that at the top of the list. Weeds are just now popping up, so plan to do a weekly sweep of the yard so you can get them out now, before they become a larger problem later. Get dead branches out of the yard before any big summer storms roll in—and leave loads of unsightly twigs and branches all over your lawn.

Reduce Your Yard Work

Really think about your yard’s current state, and what you’ll need to do this year to maintain its high quality. When whittling down that list seems like too much work, give the experts at Blue Tree Landscaping a call. From planning to design and maintenance, whether it’s for your yard or pool, Blue Tree Landscaping is a one-stop-shop for everything you’ll need.

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