5 Best Flowers to Plant This Spring

Flowers for spring plantingFor bold displays of color this spring, there are a number of flowers you should add to your planting list. The varieties we’ve gathered below all grow well in zone seven, the zone for Philadelphia, so your plants can reap the benefits of our unique environment.

The Best Flowers for Spring Planting

Coreopsis ‘Lightning Bug’

This dense flowering plant will keep your garden aglow with blooms from June to September. There are a variety of Coreopsis plants available, but the Lightning Bug is a shorter, denser plant, making it a knockout for mixed beds, borders, and containers. These flowers can be a low-maintenance, butterfly-attracting addition for any home.

Wave Petunias

For a quick pop of color, wave petunias are the answer. These annual plants provide a slew of colors to choose from, so you can switch out the arrangement each year. They can handle a little sun, and will need plenty of water to truly thrive. Leave space between plantings, since these flowers tend to spread.

Phenomenal Lavender

Philadelphia winters can be rough—but this lavender can handle it. Not only can it survive the winter weather, but it can also handle the Philly summer heat. Lavender is considered a “must grow” perennial in Better Homes and Gardens for a reason. It will bloom in late spring and early summer. After that, you can sit back and enjoy their silvery green leaves.

Coral Eyes Phlox Plant

Early spring flowers add a welcome touch of color to any garden. Let cheery shades of pink provide a pleasant covering for the rockier areas of your yard. This phlox plant grows between 4”- 6” tall, making it a great choice for flower bed borders. Although these flowers enjoy full sun, they don’t require more than the average amount of water.

Hemerocallis ‘Big Time Happy’

An unusually cold winter won’t kill off your ‘Big Time Happy’ Hemerocallis. It’s a May blooming flower that will thrive in full sun or partial shade, and will reach somewhere between 16”-18” tall. It has a mild fragrance, but attracts butterflies regardless.

Getting Started

These plants all feature a wide array of colors and scents, and come in annual and perennial varieties. If you find that your green thumb is lacking, why not leave it to the pros? Get your yard in tip-top shape with Blue Tree Landscaping.

A true one-stop-shop for everything yard, the experts at Blue Tree can handle your lawn’s planning, design, and maintenance, from gardens to pools. Call today, and get your garden done right.

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