5 Inground Pool Landscaping Ideas

5 Landscaping Ideas for PoolInground swimming pools are hubs of activity, filled with splashing, diving, and pool games. Yet, this area is often neglected in terms of outdoor landscape design. If your inground pool lacks eye appeal, here are a few tips to make it an inviting addition to your backyard.

Landscaping Tips for Inground Pool Areas

Showers, but No Flowers

Too many homeowners make the mistake of packing the pool area with flowers. Although the fragrance and colors may be wonderful, no one likes stepping on a honeybee. Instead, consider non-flowering plants, like ornamental grasses and shrubs. Avoid using mulch too close to the swimming area or it may find its way into the pool on a windy day.

Step by Step

Your lawn may be a showpiece, but you don’t want family and friends bringing clumps of it with them to the pool. Consider adding stepping stones to your lawn to provide easy access to the pool while leaving the dirt behind.

Beyond the Borders

Mowing overgrown areas around the pool will likely get grass in the water. Instead, consider filling in these spaces with river rocks. Smooth and polished, you can find them in colors that match your current landscape.

Privacy Matters

When you don’t want the world to see your family lounging and playing in the pool, consider attractive fencing. Check with local building authorities to see if there are any height requirements. Otherwise, consider using tall evergreens, and even potted plants to help add height and interest, while blocking nosy onlookers.

The Lighter Side

Want to instantly improve your pool area? It’s all about choosing comfortable, strategically positioned seating, and subdued lighting. The right lighting adds a sophisticated touch to any pool. Let your friends and family swim into the night with well-placed lighting fixtures. Provide lounging recliners, as well as tables and chairs, to give everyone options.

Summer Fun

A swimming pool is more than a fun gathering place. It’s also a major investment, and an important part of your outdoor landscape. Get your pool started on the right path by giving Blue Tree Landscaping a call. Blue Tree Landscaping is a one-stop-shop for everything lawn. From design to maintenance, the professionals at Blue Tree Landscaping will help you forge an outdoor landscape that best suits you, with an in-ground pool design that best suits your lawn. If you can visualize it, Blue Tree can make it happen.

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