6 Landscaping Ideas for Your Commercial Property

Landscaping Ideas for Commericial PropertyCommercial landscaping might be subtle, but it still takes a surprising amount of planning. In fact, subtle landscape design can take as much concerted effort in the planning stages as more dramatic landscaping, as it involves trying to do more with less.

To help you find the balance between subtle and awe-inspiring features for your commercial property’s landscape design, we’ve put together six of our favorite, diverse ideas…

1. Entrance Focus

If your aim is for a professional, elegant landscape design, you’ll need minimal—but impactful—designs. Since elegance is generally simplistic in design, you’ll want to pick one, or a limited number, of focal points. One of those should be your entrance.

Think of your entrance as your welcoming area, and use pathways to highlight it. Consider opting for pathways with a distinctive material like interlocking brick or stamped concrete. Use statement greenery, like dynamic bushes, shrubs, and small trees—but stay away from too many plants or it will be a distraction from the design.

2. Fashion Meets Function

Design isn’t solely about looks—it is also about function! Make your landscape design as functional as it is fashionable by adding furniture. Pick a theme and stick with it, so choose either modern furniture (there are some stunning options available now), a more classic look like antique wrought iron, or stylized concrete. Use furniture sparingly so that the area doesn’t appear cluttered, but provide enough so that your commercial space offers an outdoor lounge area for staff and clients.

3. Shrub Signage

A clever way to introduce shrubbery or colorful plants is to create signage. Spell out the name of your company, or use plants in your company colors to make landscape-based branding.

4. Install a Water Feature

Water features are a great way to add more nature into your landscape design. Not only can they look extremely natural, but they can also give your property a more calming and down-to-earth look. Water features with more minimal water use will be more cost-effective over the long run.

5. Plan Your Watering

When you add multiple live elements (plants, shrubs, trees, etc.) to large commercial properties, you’re creating a difficult watering landscape. Keeping live elements in groupings, or ‘zones,’ will help keep your watering process easier and more effective. You’ll also use a lot less water.

6. Think Seasonally

Keep Philadelphia’s seasons in mind while you’re designing your commercial landscaping. Plan accordingly so that your landscaping looks beautiful year-round, and not just in the summer.

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