Early Spring Lawn Care Tips

early spring lawn care tipsThe key to achieving a perfect yard is to put together a plan before the summer heat hits. Give your yard a strong foundation with these early spring lawn care tips.


Lawn Care for the Early Spring

Check Your Soil’s pH Levels

How acidic or alkaline is your soil? If you haven’t had your soil tested within the last two or three years, then now’s the time. Knowing the pH of your soil will help you determine which  minerals or lime will get your grass growing.

Make Your Green Grass Greener

When you know your soil’s pH level, it’s easy to figure out which grass seed will work best with the soil. Don’t forget to consider your region, as well. Given Philly’s cold winters, you’ll want to choose a hardy grass for your yard. Does your grass get a lot of sun, shade, or a combination of the two? Make sure to water your lawn regularly to make up for any potential damage.

Fertilize Thoughtfully

When the blossoms start blooming, and it begins to feel like spring in Philly, it’s tempting to rush out and douse the yard in a heavy-helping of fertilizer—but wait! This won’t do your lawn any favors. Consider using a slow-release, low-nitrogen fertilizer for your new grass seeding.

Save Mowing for Later

The sun may be shining, but you should wait a bit before taking out the mower. Mowing too early promotes weed growth. Wait until your grass reaches a height of 3-4 inches before you rev up the mower, and if possible, use a mulching mower to make good use of those grass clippings. When they decompose, they will add nutrients to the grass, helping you maintain a lush lawn.

Pests? No Problem

There’s at least one step you can leave out of your lawn care routine in the early spring: pest control. Unpredictable Philly weather should keep the bugs away until the the temperature becomes consistently warm in April and May.

Year-Round Lawn Care

Depending on the season, your grass will need a different kind of care, and early spring is no exception. If this sounds too overwhelming, or time-consuming, give the lawn care pros at Blue Tree Landscaping a call. We are your one-stop shop to a perfect lawn, handling everything from planning to design to maintenance.

Call today to set up an appointment. With Blue Tree Landscaping, your landscaping projects are always in good hands.

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