How to Prep Your Pool for the Summer

How to Prep your pool for summerSummer will be here before you know it, which means pool season approaches! Make sure your pool is ready to greet friends and family before that first Philly heat wave hits. These tips will have your pool up and running in a splash:

Get Your Pool Ready for Summer

Plan Ahead

Opening the pool takes time and patience. Start early, before the summer heat hits. Remember that it will take about a week for the water to clear up, supposing there aren’t any problems. The filter will require daily cleaning. No one should dive in until the pool floor can be easily seen. Until then, keep the pool covered to avoid additional cleaning. When it’s ready, grab a pool vacuum to remove any leaves or debris.

Chemical Open

Turn it all on. Empty out baskets, and look for leaks and cracks. It’s much easier to fix any small leaks now than to close everything down for full pool repairs later. Keep the pool cover on so you don’t have to deal with leaves and bugs falling in, making potential cracks more difficult to see.

Just Add Water

Chances are your pool water level is low after the long winter. Be sure to add more. Also remember to unclog the filter before you turn it on. Different filters have different needs. If you have a DE filter, you will most likely need to take it apart to clean it. If you have a sand filter, just set it for backwash, and it will do the rest. Don’t forget to put it back on the normal setting afterwards.

Test the Waters

Before you hop in, you need to know what’s in the water. Get the pool water tested to see where the chlorine and mineral levels fall, as well as the pH and alkalinity. It’s important to know for many reasons. Pool water that lacks calcium can actually strip it from grout and vinyl.

Swim More, Work Less

After your pool is ready to roll, there is still work to be done. Do a daily chemical check, get the pool tested about once a month, and vacuum at least once a week. Feels like too much? Call in the experts.


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