Lesser Known Benefits of an Inground Backyard Pool

bluetreeblogIf you’re a homeowner that’s debating whether you should install an inground backyard pool this summer, you should know that there are more benefits to this addition than a fun day in the sun. Here’s why you should take the plunge, and install an inground backyard pool:

Benefits of an Inground Pool

Fitness First

What could be more convenient than having access to a standout workout option in your own backyard? While swimming is clearly beneficial, walking, or even jogging in the pool is a great way to get, and stay, in shape. Water puts less stress on the joints, so almost anyone can fit in a workout, regardless of their physical condition. Install a pool heater so you can extend the swimming season even longer, and get started earlier. 

Curb Appeal

A well-maintained swimming pool makes a statement all on its own, but when paired with professional landscaping, it can create a real “wow” factor. An inground backyard pool provides additional customization options to fit your unique style. Your pool design can take advantage of the many features available, like hot tubs and water slides, and can utilize different shapes, waterfalls, and grottos.

Health Matters

Having your own inground pool isn’t just fun. It can also improve your health. A crowded community pool leaves little room for any real swimming, and worst of all, can contain unhealthy, unnoticeable problems, ranging from E. coli to athlete’s foot. Your private pool, however, won’t be catering to the masses. You’ll have control over who enters the pool, while routine maintenance will keep it clean, and safe.

Family Fun

You’ll see your friends and family in a whole new way: relaxed and happy! No one can resist a swimming pool, especially if you’ve added child-friendly touches to your pool design. Your Philly home will become a favorite hangout. You’ll see more of your children, and chances are, your kids will see more of their relatives. It’s the one place where cellphones can’t interrupt. You can finally get the entire household to unplug, and enjoy each other’s company.  

Sunny Days

An inground backyard pool is more than a nice thing to have. It’s a great way to reconnect with family, stay healthy, and make your home landscape design all your own.

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