Summer Landscaping Dont’s: What Not to Do to Your Yard This Summer

Summer MaintenanceBirds are singing, the pool is almost ready to open, and you’ve been busy cleaning up the yard. But, before you add in new plants or drag out the mower again, you might want to take a look at these common summer landscaping mistakes:

Common Summer Landscape Flops

Cutting Too Low

Mowing is a time-suck, but cutting your grass too short to buy yourself time isn’t a good idea. Bare spots are quickly revealed, making it easy for weeds, insects, and even diseases to move into your lawn. With more sun exposure, your lawn will require more TLC, as it needs more water to keep up with the summer heat.

Lackluster Roses

Roses are a popular flower for a reason. If your roses keep missing the mark, it’s time to take a closer look. Are you pruning after the first frost? Did you plant them in an area that matches each breed’s required amount of sun? Do they have room to grow? If not, it could be time for a re-plant.

Mulch Mounds

We’ve mentioned mulch volcanoes before, but this still bears repeating. While it may seem like everyone is placing large mounds of mulch around their plants, this doesn’t mean they’re making the right choice. No tree needs a foot-tall mound of mulch. Keep it flat and balanced so you can prevent weeds without any unnecessary waste.

Unwelcome Guests

Invasive plants can quickly take over your yard and garden, edging out native plants, and even destroying food sources for the local wildlife. Bamboo is one example of a plant that’s better left out of your landscape. You can add other invasive plant species, like English Ivy, Garlic Mustard, Japanese Honeysuckle, and Oriental Bittersweet to the list of plants to avoid.

Haphazard Design

You may have noticed a few areas here and there that could use a little perking up. Before digging in the dirt, make a plan as to where you want to place new plants. Keep shorter plants front and center, and taller plants toward the back. Figure out what plant fits where, and draw it all out. Don’t forget to add labels. This way, if something doesn’t “take,” you can easily experiment with a different plant next year.

Summer Landscape, Redefined

When mowing, weeding, planting, and planning threaten to take over your weekend, it’s time to send in the professionals. Call Blue Tree Landscaping today. As the one-stop-shop for everything lawn, garden, and pool, Blue Tree can take your project head on, from planning to design and maintenance.

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