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Reasons Your Outdoor Pool Needs A Fence

When a yard has an outdoor pool, a fence might seem like a great option to help add some decor to the space. However, any enclosure like a fence can serve an important functional purpose beyond just looks, and stand as one of the focal points of the pool. If your outdoor pool doesn’t have one already, here are a few reasons why it could benefit from a fence, from the obvious to the fun:


First and foremost, a fence is an excellent safety measure for a variety of household inhabitants. Smaller children will be kept safe by being blocked off from the open water if the fence is secure enough, and pets that run the risk of slipping into the pool area will be shut out as well. If the design is solid, even larger forces such as debris from storms, or flyaway cushions from the furniture surrounding the pool, will be contained and blocked as well. Ensure that the material you choose to build your fence can stand up to most circumstances, and the worry of accidents or damage will be eliminated. It’s not a wise choice to make the investment if the fence can’t keep toddlers at bay.

Keeps unwelcome visitors out

Depending on the terrain of your yard, small creatures can wander near the pool of their own volition. This is out of the pool owner’s control, of course, so to save the risk of them falling in or damaging any of the surrounding equipment or surfaces, consider a fence that reaches the ground to minimize the intrusion of unwanted animals. This way, anything that enters the pool will be at your discretion, eliminating the worry of unwanted guests or endangering the creatures in question.

Boosts backyard style

Beyond the functionality of a fence, make a statement with yours! Choose from a variety of materials and styles to match your outdoor pool’s unique look and feel, from wooden to wrought-iron and beyond. A fence also serves as a prime decorating piece for parties, when the style allows for it. String lights through the slots of a thinner fence, or tie balloons to the posts to add a festive touch to any occasion. By protecting against inclement weather, a fence around an outdoor pool will accentuate every feature that brings the yard together, and maintain its many other uses as well.

Blue Tree

Let us help install the perfect fence to suit your pool! At Blue Tree Landscaping, our team of experts has ample experience implementing proper outdoor fencing that will create purpose and style that will last for years to come. Contact us for a quote to get started!

Accent Your Yard with Different Plants

Decorating a yard is one of the most personal, fun aspects of putting together a beautiful space. With a warm season in the works, accessorizing might mean more than just a few well-placed tchotchkes. Give your yard what it needs by placing plants and natural accouterments in your outdoor space! There are several options for placing greenery in a yard, all of which can be customized into a unique layout for any aesthetic. Here are a few options worth visiting a greenhouse for:



This is one to plan for early. It can be rewarding to buy saplings early and let them flourish over years of time, but growth will happen very gradually. Make sure the ground has ample room for widening root systems, and know what the cycles of weather will bring for individual breeds. Choose from fir trees and smaller accent trees to fruit trees that will bring a personal harvest every year. Patience is key for tree growth, so enjoy watching the progress!


If there is a large amount of sidewalk space or a fence that needs sprucing up, choosing bushes or shrubs to line that space will provide more than just decoration. Small children or dogs will have some buffers from a more unforgiving surface, and outside critters will have a more difficult time infiltrating the property. Pruning can be a fun aspect to shrubbery, especially with the potential of forming different shapes into free-standing structures.


Always a popular choice, accenting the yard with seasonal flowers will brighten any space. Flowers will pollinate, helping any garden plants to grow to full potential, and the whole yard will benefit from the natural care. If space allows, flower beds in windows or underneath them is a classic setup that with proper care and maintenance will result in beautiful bouquets along the outside walls of your home.


A well-groomed lawn has a subtle contribution to the overall picture. Whether one chooses natural grass, sod, or artificial turf surface, a lawn will help determine the health and potential of plants placed in it. A sufficient irrigation system and a little upkeep will keep your grass, and thus your plants, healthy.

Blue Tree

For more landscaping and installation ideas, contact Blue Tree! Our team of experts will advise and assist in this year’s round of planting, from choosing special breeds to crafting blueprints to making your space both lovely and functional. We have been serving creative homeowners since 1983, and cannot wait to work with you to build the yard of your dreams!

Install a Fence in Time For Summer

Summer is approaching, and that means more freedom to venture outside and enjoy the weather. If this means fighting to keep family members and friends safe and private, it might be time to consider installing a fence to optimize every positive detail about your home. There are several reasons to look into this useful, decorative option and curate one to fit your needs.

Safety and Privacy First

Whether or not your household is cooking, entertaining, or relaxing outside, keep your activities to yourself with a fence that will shield you from any unwanted eyes. It can even serve to heighten security from less desirable aspects of any neighborhood, such as houses close to the street or wildlife that can enter the property with ease. Consider what threats your property’s location might serve, and build your fence based on those details and what you want your specifications to be.

Get Approval

If your new fence changes the dimensions of your home’s property, take the appropriate measures beforehand to make sure it is an acceptable move. Some locations may have restrictions or specific guidelines on any landscaping changes made to a property, especially where expansion is concerned. Contact your city hall or the correct, associated department for information on measurements and potential approval to move forward with the project.

Separate Work and Play

Yard space should be comfortable for everyone, not just children and pets. Sometimes, added privacy from neighbors or passersby on the street can be invaluable for a functional yard. If your ideal work spot is a cozy nook hidden in the backyard, or even the spacious front yard area, installing a fence to establish your personal space can do wonders for the sanctity of the yard.

Pool Fencing

Young children should be monitored closely around pools, and having a fence is another added security measure to ensure their safety. Read up on different modes of pool fencing to get protection that is both attractive and practical. This way, you can guarantee a stress-free environment when the whole family isn’t outside, and balls and toys will be less likely to roll into the pool accidentally!

Get Started Today

Let Blue Tree help you install the fence you need and want! We offer an extensive selection of products and associated services that give you a wide range of options for your next addition. Contact Blue Tree to get a quote about our services and to start planning for the best fence for your property.

Landscaping Do’s and Don’ts for Small Backyards

Divide Your PlantsSome backyards do not have the luxury of abundant room to personalize, especially in areas that are closer to major cities. This can force homeowners to get creative with their backyards, which can lead to many different positive outcomes. Take a look at some do’s and don’ts to take into consideration before beginning the remodeling process.

Do: Take Company into Account

If your backyard plays host to parties and get-togethers on a frequent basis, a simple aesthetic might be the key to an appealing setting. Tables, chairs, and sufficient walkways are crucial to any successful hosting of an event. Stick to landscaping and decorations that won’t detract from your guest’s experience.

Don’t: Over-Decorate 

Choosing giant features for a tiny space can overwhelm the eye and take up valuable real estate. Often, one or two simple pieces can act as accoutrements to the main components (e.g. a few wall ornaments will match an in-ground pool that takes up most your yard’s foot room). Fountains, statues, and accessories that hold little function can cause clutter. Be conscientious of what you’re working with; less is enough in situations like these.

Do: Choose Functionality

Maximizing surface area can be a key component to expanding any backyard size. Adding a retaining wall can provide multitier opportunities for the gardener in the family, and lighting up the whole space will create an entertainment hub for hosts of every kind. When every inch is cared for, it can greatly increase the enjoyment capacity for everyone.

Don’t: Ignore Your Climate

Whether it’s hot and dry or damp outside, landscaping can suffer if the proper materials are not chosen for a backyard space. This is especially true when children are present; a patio that gets too hot in the summer or lawn components that dominate the space are not conducive to their play or enjoyment.

Do: Contact Blue Tree

It’s time to get started! Blue Tree Landscaping has all the keys to a new and beautiful space that you can be proud of. We offer commercial landscaping services such as lawn care services, pool installation, and beyond for those looking to revitalize any limited backyard. Call us today to explore your options and turn your small backyard into your favorite room in the house!

How to Make Your Yard Tastefully Private

Landscape LightingThere are a few different ways that you can make your backyard or front yard more private. Privacy can be accomplished through tasteful, modern measures, through plants, or through new materials for fences and walls. If you’re interested in remodeling your backyard and introducing a much-needed update, the following examples will be a nice addition to any outdoor space.

Why You Should Add a Wall or Fence

If you have young children or pets, you might want to consider a modern wall or fence design for your yard. This will help you to keep a better eye on your loved ones, and keep them out of trouble. It can also help to keep intruders out, such as deer or other wildlife that may be interested in helping themselves to your garden. A wall or fence can help with nosey neighbors, too.

Consider New Materials and Designs

If you want to add a fence or wall to your yard, the design and material options are seemingly endless. Your fence could be made of horizontal wood panels (instead of vertical), or plexiglass and wood, for example. Not up for a fence or wall? If you’re interested in adding a pergola or similar structure to your yard, consider adding an outdoor curtain for additional privacy.

Make Your Yard Private With Plants

If gardening is one of your favorite pastimes, why not prove it? Make your garden grow to new heights — literally. Plant new shrubs and trees, or help your current plants to grow taller. You’ll be able to create a more natural barrier between your yard and the outside world. Another way to achieve new heights: add raised flower beds, so that your garden appears at various levels. Or, add a row of larger-than-life potted plants for a makeshift “fence.”

You could also add a lattice fence, trellis, or similar open structure — with a modern twist. There are many modern designs available now that will look more tasteful while still being useful. These designs will allow your yard to feel more open, while also allowing for another way to show off your plants. You could add roses or other vines to add a more romantic or private element to your yard, too.

Time to Get Started

Once you have some ideas in mind for your landscaping project, contact Blue Tree Landscaping. Blue Tree will help you at every step of the way, from planning, to design, to realizing your vision.

5 Pool Fencing Ideas for Your Home Landscape

Prosemediapicjuly2016For many, pool fencing is not just a great feature for keeping out unwanted guests, or making sure small children don’t go astray—it’s the law. However, more than a mere safety measure, a pool fence can also be a welcome aesthetic addition to any summer landscape. The trick is to match up your pool, home landscape, and fencing in a complementary way.

Pool Fencing Ideas for Your Home Landscape

Budget Fencing

A removable fence is a fast, easy option for anyone on a tight budget. These fences are best used as a secondary fence. For example, if there is already a perimeter fence that meets local laws regarding height and slat spacing, a removable fence can be installed around the pool temporarily.

Wood Fencing

When you want to keep your pool time fun away from the eyes of prying neighbors, a solid privacy fence can be a step in the right direction. There’s a wide range of styles available to help complement any decor. Double-check that the slats are spaced close enough to prevent anyone from slipping through.

Aluminum Pool Fencing

Affordable and hard-working, an aluminum tube pool fence may lack curb appeal, but it does get the job done. Just make sure there are no hand or foot holds that a youngster can use to pull themselves up and over the fence.

Mesh Pool Fencing

This pool fencing is nearly invisible, so families can easily keep tabs on what the children are doing, even from a distance. Mesh fencing is hard to climb over and under, so it definitely aligns with safety standards as well. These fences will require a few tweaks every now and then to ensure that the mesh lines up properly, and remains in good working condition.

Glass Fencing

When price, children, and nosy neighbors aren’t an issue, and the view is one you’d love to keep seeing, glass fencing can make your yard look larger, while retaining that easy, open view. Maintenance may be a challenge, but Blue Tree Landscaping can help keep your fencing in top shape.

Make a Splash

Want some added peace of mind? Install a pool alarm so if anyone gets too close to the water when no one’s around to supervise, you’ll be notified immediately.

Whether you’re ready to install a pool fence today, or need some help figuring out which fencing type best fits your home landscape, you should turn to the professionals at Blue Tree Landscaping.

Call Blue Tree Landscaping, the one-stop-shop for everything pool and lawn, and take your pool fencing from ho-hum to oh, wow!


How to Create More Privacy in your Yard


We all love our neighbors, but that doesn’t mean we want our lawn in their full view. If your yard didn’t come with any barriers, there are a number of stylish elements you can choose from.

Here are 5 great ways to give your yard a little more privacy:

1. Fences

Installing a fence between you and your neighbors isn’t the most creative solution, but it is certainly the most traditional. It’s relatively cost effective, and provides the ultimate barrier for any yard. When purchasing a fence, be sure to consider the height carefully. A 6-foot fence often provides ample privacy, but some homeowners opt for greater heights.

2. A Living Barrier

A living barrier uses plants, flowers, vines, or trees to create a visual privacy barrier. These can easily fit any landscape design, provided you choose the right type of plant. If you opt for a living barrier, there’s a number of things to consider beyond a plant’s style. You also need to decide how thick or dense you want the barrier to be. For example, a dense barrier may provide more privacy, but it also reduces lighting. Another element to consider is how the living barrier will grow. A lattice is a great start for vines, but bushes need to either be installed fully-grown, or chosen based on their future height.

3. Overhead Privacy

Sometimes the privacy you want isn’t for the entire yard. Maybe you just want a portion of your lawn closed-off, so you can entertain in peace. For those who want ‘overhead’ privacy, shade, sails, or pergolas can offer excellent privacy options. They’re especially helpful if your property is at a lower level than your neighbors.

4. A Private Area

Setting up a fence or living barrier can be cumbersome, which is why a single private area, like a patio, can be a great option. Creating a single, secluded space, with a lattice or tall plant, can create the single private area you need, without isolating your neighbors.

5. Patio Screens

Another option for creating an isolated area on your lawn is to screen in a patio. By adding privacy screens, you can create a private space without the ongoing maintenance of plants, or the expense of tall fences.  

Need Help?

Figuring out how to best create a private space for your yard can be tough, especially when fitting it into your existing landscape design. If you need help choosing a yard privacy option that suits your current property, contact us at Blue Tree Landscaping. With 30 years of experience, we’re more than ready to give you the guidance you need.

13 Shrubs to Plant for More Privacy

13 shrubsIf you’re the proud owner of a beautiful backyard, chances are you like showing it off to your family and friends. However, despite that desire to showcase your yard, you likely don’t want neighbors and passerbyers to be able to peer in at any time.

Shrubs planted with privacy in mind can be a great investment for your garden design. And while they require more care than fences do, they also offer more natural beauty.

In addition to selecting the right size shrubs for your needs, you’ll want to carefully consider how fast growing you would like them to be. While shrubs that grow very quickly are great to create an initial barrier, they will require more pruning over time. So, you have a choice between faster initial growth and higher long-term workload, or slower initial growth and lower long-term workload.

Privacy Shrubs by Growth Speed

To help you pick the right shrubs for your garden design, here is a list of shrubs based on their growth speeds:

Slow-Growing Shrubs

  •  Berckman’s Golden Arborvitae- a densely-branched shrub that grows to about five feet and requires little to no pruning
  • Camellia Japonica- a large, flowering evergreen-style shrub that can grow up to 20 feet.
  • Emerald Arborvitae- a 15-foot evergreen that requires little to no pruning
  • Japanese Yew- a unique column-shaped shrub that is extremely tall, growing 30 feet or more
  • Saucer Magnolia- a deciduous beauty that offers great privacy when installed in groups and can grow up to 30 feet (if it isn’t pruned).

Shrubs with Intermediate Growth Speeds

  • Dense Yew- a six-foot-tall shrub that provides great privacy due to its dense branches.
  • French Lilac- This medium-height shrub grows from 8 to 14 feet in height and produces fragrant blooms. It will require pruning to keep it from getting too wide and too round.
  • Savannah Holly- an evergreen shrub that grows between 8 and 12 feet in height and between 6 to 8 feet in width. It can be pruned as desired, but doesn’t require it.
  • Sweet Olive- This evergreen shrub grows up to 10 feet in height and up to 8 feet in width. Its broad leaves and dense branches make it popular for a privacy fence and its small, white, apricot-scented blooms make it more popular still in garden design.

 Fast-Growing Shrubs 

  • Dwarf Pink Almond- This deciduous variety grows only up to 5 feet in height. It offers beautiful double-pink blossoms and requires pruning after its blooming cycle.
  • Forsythia- This super-tall shrub can reach 30 feet in height if not pruned…and a whopping 20 feet wide! In the spring season it will bloom with ample small yellow flowers.
  • Nikko Blue Hydrangea- this shrub is known for its blue-colored, snowball-shaped blossoms and can grow up to 12 feet tall and 12 feet wide.
  • Red Twig Dogwood- a deciduous bush that grows up to 8 feet tall and blooms creamy white flowers during the summer months.

  Privacy Fence Shrub Designs

If you’re looking for an entire landscape design that includes privacy shrubs—or for hard workers to plant the shrubs—look no further. Call us here at Blue Tree Landscaping for expert advice and help!