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Seasonal Decorations To Spruce Up Your Yard

Tips for Halloween from Blue Tree LandscapingNow is the time to start decorating for the cooler months! Fall is here, and getting into the spirit with the appropriate fall ornaments for the home and yard is a guaranteed way to earn compliments and design inspiration from those around. Check out some of our tips for seasonal themes below to enhance your yard.


While it’s almost time to pick the pumpkins that were planted earlier in the year, that doesn’t mean the opportunity to adorn your space with decorative ones should be passed up. Whether it be wicker ones, plastic, or made from another synthetic material, there are many options for placeholder pumpkins inside and outside the home.


The leaves outside are lovely, but they can get messy when unraked! Try fake garlands to provide a pleasing framing for doorways, windows, and fireplaces. Go for a rustic look and place leaf bunches in flowerpots or against the back of kitchen countertops for a pop of detail that house guests will love. If there is a wrought-iron fence or grate anywhere outdoors, lace them around the bars for a sturdy, beautiful addition to the decor.


Hay bales are not only a cute decoration, but they provide a thematic sitting area for fall-themed events. Place them among the growing pumpkin patch outside, or alternatively under a patio or pergola for fall festivities. Even better, put a flat surface on top of a low hay bale to create a makeshift table and to set drinks and appetizer plates on. Get creative with this one; they’re not commonly thought of for decorating, but there is a ton of room to make them useful.


Tablecloths, napkins, shirts, bed sheets…the possibilities are endless! Dress up the garden scarecrow with a weather-ready plaid shirt, or take strips of plaid ribbon to tie around light fixtures for another pastoral look. Visit any fabric store for a large selection of ideas, or make your own by buying fabric and sizing it yourself. Plaid is very stylish right now, so use it for everything — from seat cushions to paper place settings!

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6 Creative Ways to Decorate Your Yard for Halloween

Tips for Halloween from Blue Tree LandscapingWhether you’re creating a full haunted house to complement your garden design this Halloween or are just looking for a little festive scariness, here are 6 creative ways to decorate your yard for this spooky holiday!

1. Glowing Eyes

If you have bushes in your garden design, add some super-creepy glowing eyes to them. This “monster in the bush” is ridiculously easy to make—simply cut eye-shaped holes in an empty toilet paper roll, insert a glow stick, and place it in a thick bush. The glow stick will project light through the holes only, creating mysterious glowing eyes.

2. Yard Cemetery

Creating a cemetery in your front or back yard takes a little bit of effort, but it can span the whole yard and makes a great garden design idea with high impact. If you’re short on time you can purchase fake tombstones at a Halloween store, Walmart, or Dollar Store. For a more authentic look, you can create your own with large pieces of Styrofoam or cardboard and grey and black paint. Use funny gravestone names like ‘Bea A. Fraid’ or ‘Yul B. Next’ to add a little humor to your spook. For bonus points, spread some cobwebs over them. Work the tombstones into your garden design by placing them along a walkway, or randomly throughout your yard.

3. Coffin (Cooler)

No spooky yard is complete without a coffin. If you’re feeling super creative and have some time on your hands, you can create this spooky decoration—however be warned that it does take some time. If you’re not good with a saw and nails you can much more easily make a coffin out of a large cardboard box. Paint the materials black, add a skeleton or spooky Halloween creature to the inside, and you’re done.

If you’ll be entertaining adults in your yard this year, consider putting in a quick Styrofoam and plastic lining to create a ‘coffin cooler.’

4. A Ghostly Walkway

A ghostly walkway is a low-effort, high-impact idea for spooky landscape outdoor lighting. Line your garden walkways with milk jugs (with jack-o-lantern style faces that you’ve drawn on them—a thick black sharpie does the trick). Add a tealight or small electronic light and you’ve got great Halloween-themed lanterns to light the way through your creepy garden design.

5. Cheesecloth Ghost

No Halloween yard is complete without a ghost hanging from the tree! Use something large, light, and round for the head (like a round Styrofoam ball, a kid’s ball, or etc.), sculpt the shoulders and hands with a wire hanger or bailing wire and then drape a large cheesecloth over the top. Draw on black eye holes and you’ll have a ghost that will hang on a tree and gently blow around in the wind. For added effect tie fishing line to it so you can move it as trick-or-treaters pass by!

6. Broomstick Parking

To create a witches’ parking area, make a sign to hang on any large container (a decorative vase often works best, but almost anything will do) saying ‘park your brooms here.’ Then, add old-style brooms (upside down, so the straw is showing), and voila! You can place it anywhere in your garden design, although near your door will likely have the most impact.