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Add Some Entertainment Elements To Your Yard

It’s party time! The weather is perfect for entertaining, both indoors and outdoors. Here are a few entertainment essentials that are worth the investment:

Pool Toys

These are cheap, fun staples for any backyard. Grab a few inner tubes at your local dollar store, or upgrade to giant inflatable animals to hold more than one person. There are several options for practicality and entertainment with pool toys; if your child is learning to swim this summer, pool noodles and arm inflatables will help them learn to stay afloat. Better yet, floating basketball hoops and coolers will cater to older members of the festivities. Visit a pool supply store or shop around online to stock up.

Outdoor Television

Relax with the setting sun and watch your post-work movie outside! Televisions often offer protective coverings for weather-resistant enjoyment. They can be free-standing, mounted to a wall, or wired to an overhang or gazebo post for ultimate convenience. Add in surround sound and create a full system for an authentic theater experience.

For a makeshift experience, try this: get a projector and a white sheet. Hang the sheet on a retaining wall or fence, pop a movie into the projector, and set up chairs to face it. If a pool is present, float on inner tubes for a new take on ‘theater seats.’ Include snacks and popcorn for instant outdoor entertainment for everyone to enjoy!

Volleyball Net

One fun way to get a sweat going and enjoy the spirit of competition is incorporating sports into outdoor activities. If the yard has reasonable space for a makeshift court, invest in a net with easy setup and take down. It can be used for volleyball and badminton, among other sports, and it provides fun for sports lovers of all ages. If it has the adjustment capabilities, stretch it across a pool and play water ball!

Contact Blue Tree

Make sure the rest of your yard is up to snuff with Blue Tree Landscaping! We specialize in optimizing home space for every homeowner’s needs, from tiny back lots to expansive backyard spaces with room to play. Get advice on the best adornments for summer fun, in addition to year-round services that will keep your backyard in pristine shape for any entertainment. Contact our team to get a quote today!

What can you add to your pool during a renovation?


The Best Features to Add to Your Pool During a Renovation

A swimming pool renovation is a great way to make your outdoor space more enjoyable and appealing to you and your guests. Whether you’re looking to improve an outdated pool design or to install an in ground pool, the following are some ideas to keep in mind when redesigning your outdoor space. A well-designed swimming pool can make your outdoor space feel like a never-ending vacation — without ever having to leave your property.

Shape and Materials

A rectangular pool — along with sleek landscaping and hardscaping — can offer a modern, minimalist look. However, sometimes a rectangular pool can seem outdated and uninviting. Change the shape of your pool to dramatically update your outdoor space. There are seemingly endless options, all of which contribute a different look and feel to your yard. An “Oasis” shape might be best for a mountain or beach retreat look, while a “Grecian” shape might work best with more traditional, formal homes. As for the material of your pool, a mosaic or stone tile design can add color to your pool and outdoor space for a refreshing, inviting look.

Add More to Your Pool

Make your pool more enjoyable and useful by adding features like new steps and ledges, a hot tub, or a tanning ledge. Change the mood of your pool for events or parties by adding LED lighting. Further, turn your pool into a true vacation retreat with waterfalls, rocks, and an elevated garden.

Improve Pool Maintenance

Luckily, in ground pools have become easier and cheaper to maintain over the years. Control and monitor the status of your pool through an automated electronic system, test out a new Chlorine-free purification system, or install a solar pool heater to reduce heating costs.

 Further Complement a Pool Renovation

A pool renovation is not complete without a landscaped backyard. In addition to a patio area, turn your yard into a true outdoor living space for entertaining family and friends with an outdoor bar or kitchen, cabana, and fire pit.

 Time to Get Started

Now that you have some ideas in mind for how to improve your outdoor space with a pool renovation, it’s time to make those ideas come to life. Blue Tree Landscaping will help you every step of the way, from the planning stage to installation, to updating and repairing your current pool, to ensuring that your pool renovation complements the landscaping of your outdoor space.

5 Tips for Planning Your Patio Design

hardscaping-09A shabby, neglected patio doesn’t exude a welcoming atmosphere, but a sleek, modern patio can become a beloved part of any home, while raising the home’s value in the process.

Whatever you can imagine, chances are there’s a patio to match that dream. Today’s styles have gone far beyond a boring slab of concrete, and include all manner of size, color, and shape. Before getting started, here are a few tips you should keep in mind to ensure a beautiful, finished product.

5 Tips for Patio Perfection


What do you want out of your patio? Do you want it near the kitchen for easy entertaining, or closer to an opposing side of your property for a restful retreat? How close are the neighbors? What sort of patio lighting do you prefer? Consider the size of your yard, as well as any problem areas. Are there any air conditioning units you’d like to camouflage? Do you want a water feature, or a fire pit? Browse through images of other patios to get a better idea of what suits you.

Size Matters

If your space will be used for entertaining, consider the number of people you’d like to comfortably move around this space. Many designers recommend making the patio as wide, and as long as your home, or mimicking the size of a favorite room inside.

Must Love Plants

Do you have a natural green thumb, or do you prefer plants that can stay alive with little help from you? Consider container groupings to provide a punch of color. Be sure to complete the hardscape before you put any plants in place.

Rules and Regulations

What does local law mandate as the maximum height for a fence? Do you need a permit? Check with your local city office to find out the rules for your area. Otherwise, your patio project could result in costly fines, and the removal of everything you’ve built.


Don’t feel like everything has to get done immediately. Create a long-range plan. You can tackle different items on your list as time, and budget allows. This will also help you prioritize your projects, so you don’t take on more than you can handle.


There are so many factors to consider when designing your patio, but these tips will help you create an outdoor space that fits the way you live. To get your Philly patio in tip-top shape without the hassle, contact the landscaping professionals at Blue Tree Landscaping.

From planning to design and construction, Blue Tree Landscaping is a one-stop shop for all your landscaping needs. Call today, and make your patio the envy of the neighborhood.

Planning Your Outdoor Kitchen

OutdoorKitchenSummer is the season for lively barbecues and outdoor grilling, but for a host it means splitting your time between the kitchen and the grill. As a convenient alternative to the hassle, many homeowners are turning to outdoor kitchens as a one-stop station for all their culinary needs. However, planning for one can prove an overwhelming task, considering the numerous provisions and design options to choose from. To get you started, here are some essential guidelines to bring you up to speed and give you a sense of what the project entails.

Determining the right layout for your yard

Layout is more than just an aesthetic consideration: it’s also prudent to bear in mind the features of the space you’re working with. Smaller yards are better served with a straight line kitchen model. Similar to kitchenettes, these are installed against a wall and make the most efficient use of limited space. On the other hand, for more spacious grounds, the kitchen island and the u-shape kitchen are popular choices. Both possess a wide array of amenities including a sink, refrigerator, and a dishwasher.

Whichever design you choose, you’ll want to be sensible when you’re determining placement. Proximity to the house is great, but be careful not to obstruct the view from your window. Also consider factors such as wind direction to avoid blowing smoke into your house, and when possible, construct your workspace beneath the cool shade of trees. If that isn’t an option, you might want to incorporate a pergola or canopy into your design.

For those who are building around an existing patio or deck, take into account the weight of your appliances and invest in any necessary renovations. If you prefer your kitchen to be situated near your pool or hot tub, steer clear of tile and marble flooring, as both are slippery surfaces when wet.

Tailoring design toward a clear purpose

Whether you’re catering to large gatherings or simply improving upon your own lifestyle, there are a variety of design alternatives to serve the needs of any preference or occasion. Before settling on a layout, think about your priorities and plan accordingly. If you’re inclined to isolate yourself while you work, a good overall design concept might include a living room or lounge area for your friends to mingle in the meanwhile. On the other hand, if you enjoy socializing while you cook, there are kitchen options that offer bar-style counter space with stools for your guests to keep you company.

Make informed decisions

Remember, it’s imperative to seek professional consultation before finalizing any plans or getting started. You’ll need to consider the hazard of combustible material as well as the most practical placement and installation of your gas, water, and electric supply. And, with an outdoor structure, you’ll want to plan around inclement weather and seasonal change. Prepare yourself for Pennsylvania’s cold winters by choosing durable materials like stainless steel and ceramic, while steering clear of tile countertops that are prone to freezing.

Fun additional touches

While many of your decisions will inevitably fall to the dictates of utility, exposure to the elements, and practicality, there are indeed several ways to tweak your space for that added touch of ambiance. Some minor atmospheric accents might include decorative objects and light fixtures, but for a more transformative effect, consider cultivating a garden, elaborating on the design of your deck or patio space, or even adding a small, tranquil pond. Ultimately, you want to create an environment that is more than just functional, but one that is pleasurable and ambient as well.

An outdoor kitchen can certainly prove a worthwhile investment, but as with any investment, your vision should be informed by practical necessity. When you’re ready to begin, Blue Tree Landscaping is happy to guide you through every stage of the process: from planning, to design, to construction, to deliver you the most stylish, yet affordable and sensible, solution.