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The Best Hardscaping Options For Your Patio

There are several ways to take care of your feet, and choosing a suitable surface in your home is one helpful way of doing so. However, outdoor spaces should also be taken into account for viable surfaces underfoot. Consider installing an aesthetically pleasing, cozy surface that will allow your patio to be comfortable and stylish!

Choosing a Surface

There are so many possibilities of customization for your backyard. Choose from the standard surfaces that include brick, tile, cement, paving stone, or a creative combination of these. Keep in mind that a patio needs upkeep like the rest of the yard; it is also wise to choose a patio based on your ability to maintain it. Consider weather and company when picking a surface, because durability is a top priority for a quality patio!

Cater To Everyone

Take the dimensions of your space into account, to pick a surface that won’t overwhelm the future patio’s potential.

If the house is full of kids, pets, and toys, having a slippery tile deck might not be the best option. Instead, consider a more malleable surface that will provide grip underfoot, such as wood with a durable finish or coarse tile. If a pool is nearby, go with a surface that won’t get slippery when wet, and be wary of any heat-retaining materials for those that like to go barefoot in warmer weather. Brick is a viable choice, and its durability in harsher weather will stand the test of time as well.

On the other hand, a paved patio walkway and tile are perfect for less active inhabitants, or those that simply want to enjoy lounging in their outdoor space. Look into a more decorative surface that will complement a walkway or poolside, such as more delicate wood or hard material.

Consider Other Design Components

One of the perks of installing a premium patio surface is how it can be matched with surrounding details. Match a specialized patio paver with details that feature similar colors to the ground surface, like seat cushions or accessories. Choose plants that complement intricate tile work, or contrast it with lawn ornaments or furniture that make a statement. This is a fun means of self-expression, so enjoy this part of customizing your patio’s supporting roles!

Contact Blue Tree

Choose your next patio surface from certified, dependable options. Blue Tree Landscaping can outfit any hardscaping surface with a variety of options, and will provide dependable installation surfaces as well. Get a quote for your next home improvement project by contacting Blue Tree today!

4 Questions to Ask Before Selecting Your Patio Furniture

patio furnitureTurning your backyard into a welcoming living space is a great way to enjoy the nature around you while maintaining the comfort of home. However, your patio furniture selections should rely on much more than looks and plush. Before making that purchase, here are 4 simple questions to ask yourself:

1. How difficult will caring for this furniture be?

Maintaining indoor furniture can be quite a hassle, but caring for outdoor furniture can be just as time-consuming. When selecting a piece, consider its durability and how easy its upkeep will be. For example, plastic patio furniture is quick and easy to clean, whereas teak can lose its color, and wrought iron can rust after a heavy downpour. Make sure you know the required upkeep before buying a piece, and be certain you’re willing to put in the work.

2. Where will I store my furniture when winter hits?

When the chill of winter arrives, you’ll need to store your furniture somewhere safe from the elements. Doing so will help your patio furniture last longer and better sustain its shape and color. Keep potential storage spaces in mind when making your purchase, and if you know your space is limited, consider patio furniture that can be folded or taken apart in the winter months.

3. Am I comfortable or content?

Make the extra investment and go for comfort when making a patio furniture purchase. After all, why buy furniture for the outdoors if you’ll only be yearning for the indoors when you take a seat? Consider the height of your furniture pieces, and make sure they’re the right fit for you. Also be mindful of armrests and cushions when buying patio chairs. These will help you achieve optimal comfort when enjoying the sunshine.

4. Will my patio furniture be in direct sunlight or underneath a shaded space?

If you have a motorized awning or the shade of tall trees over your patio space, then good for you! If not, adding a patio umbrella to your purchase may be ideal. Not only do they provide necessary shade, but they can also be a bright finishing piece to your other patio purchases, especially if you’re in need of some additional color. Also, for those more than breezy days, make sure the umbrella you select has wind vents to keep it safe and steady.

Guide to Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor Furniture IdeasNo matter the season, the right atmosphere and ambiance can make your backyard a great place to gather family and friends year round. What goes into making your patio and yard a functional and comfortable place to spend time? The right lighting, heating, and, of course, furniture, all contribute to how enjoyable your outdoor space can truly be. Depending on your space, budget, and aesthetic, you may want to consider the following types of outdoor furniture to create an attractive and functional environment.

Gazebos & shade structures

It’s important to provide shady areas for your friends and family to relax and unwind, so if your backyard doesn’t have much natural shade from trees, consider a gazebo tailored specifically to your patio or deck. Gazebos will provide a barrier from harmful UV rays, enable you to enjoy lounging outdoors without sunglasses or a hat, and protect you from light rain or other inclement weather. Invest in one that’s both attractive and easy to maintain, perhaps made of a weather resistant material that can be wiped clean.

Patio sets

A quality outdoor patio set is essential to any backyard deck. If you like the idea of dining outside on warm summer afternoons, consider a dining set with at least 4 chairs and a spacious table. Conversation sets are another option, and generally consist of larger, more comfortable loveseats or cushioned benches, and smaller tables or an ottoman to hold drinks, snacks, and/or bug-repelling candles. Wicker and wrought iron are common materials for deck furniture, as they are resilient to varying weather conditions and relatively simple to care for. Cushions filled with Polyester foam and fiber and covered in a hardwearing blended fabric are most ideal — though you may want to store cushions and pillows in the garage when they’re not being used.


Make the most of your deck by including extra seating for your friends and guests. If you’re short on space, consider a handy storage bench with empty compartments for storage under liftable seats. If you want something both functional and fun, why not invest in a quality patio swing? Simple wooden benches with comfortable cushions are the practical option, and can line the borders of your deck that aren’t occupied by planters.

Fire pits & patio heaters

Let’s not forget the essentials to enjoying your backyard during the cool autumn and even cooler winter months. Fire pits and patio heaters can make your yard much more enjoyable, keeping you toasty enough to enjoy a cup of tea or a glass of wine on the deck after work. Your options for a fire pit include propane or wood-burning, or go for an electric table, lamp, or large patio heater for a safer and more modern approach.

The right furniture can make all the difference in how usable and enjoyable your yard is all year round, so be sure to invest in quality pieces that will last.