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 January 2015 Newsletter

january 2015 newsletter

A Message from Jeff…

Thanks to Those Who Make So Much Difference

There are so many times through the season when we’re reminded just how much of a “people business” we’re in. Like when a customer wins a civic beautification award and makes a point of letting us know. Or how we’re sure we’ll hear from Mrs. Fangle every spring – checking on what height she should set her mower. And there’s the great feeling we all get when offered a glass of water or iced tea in the middle of a long, hot day. Through all the difficulties of battling weeds, crabgrass and adverse weather, these are the things that make the work we do a real pleasure. And, although we don’t get the opportunity to
express our gratitude as often as we’d like, we’re here to tell you that you’re the reason for the very existence of our company.

Proper care for healthy growth requires a constant balance of applied science, effort, and a spirit of co-operation. Your help has made delivering excellent results easier. And we truly appreciate the confidence you’ve placed in our abilities. To keep that confidence we’re constantly improving our knowledge and staying up-to-date with any new developments that might help us serve you better.

We study the results of university testing as well as do tests of our own before we add anything to our line-up of available services. For you, this means that all our recommendations are horticulturally sound and made with a view to producing the healthiest and most trouble-free lawn and landscape possible.

When we go to work on your property, it’s in a special partnership with you. The success we’ve had is due largely to you – our customers – for following so closely the hints on cultural practices and other suggestions we’ve offered.

Of course, there will always be the curve-balls of too much or too little rain and temperatures that are too high or too low that nature likes to toss at us—and we’ve had a few this year. But together, we can usually work around most of them and continue to keep your corner of the world a green and enjoyable place for you and your family.

That’s the reason we’re here. To take the load of care and maintenance off your schedule and off your mind. To make your property a haven for enjoyment and relaxation instead of a weekend taskmaster.

This year is already shaping up to be better than ever. We’re reviewing new equipment and materials and gearing up for training and education. We’ll be well-equipped and ready to handle all your needs and we’re looking forward to serving you during the year ahead.

Thank You!


Professional Landscape Maintenance Just Makes Good Cents!

Maintaining your landscape can become something like cleaning out the garage – you can do just the minimum to get by and get to the rest of it “later.” But unlike your garage, the landscape keeps changing and growing. Weeds keep sprouting, shrubs keep growing and turf and ground covers continue to creep over sidewalks and drives. Before long, your whole landscape can start looking shaggy and overgrown. And once problems get started they almost never disappear on their own and usually get harder
to solve.


Regular, professional clean-up, weeding and pruning will make your property and your life a lot happier. This may include a spring clean-up, edging of beds and
application of mulch along with any needed pruning. This can be followed by a midseason weeding and pruning and then in the fall for a final clean-up. Having a big event this season? Arrange now for the services you may need. Most programs are customized to some extent to meet the different challenges of various landscapes. You can make this the year to get the landscape in shape by getting it on the schedule!