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November 2014 Newsletter

November 2014 Newsletter

A Message from Jeff…

Thank You!

The passing of seasons is a time for most of us to “shift gears,” to focus on different activities, and to take a little time to plan ahead for next year.

This time of year we have a chance to take a quick breather and extend you a season’s worth of thanks. We’ve been incredibly busy this year caring for all of our good customers…like you, and frankly, that’s just how we like it. We love what we do, and really appreciate being your partner when it comes to caring for your corner of the earth.

But we’re not going into hibernation! Even though you may not see us quite as often in the coming months, we’re as close as your phone. Don’t hesitate to call us anytime. And don’t forget that many of our services are still available – and are very beneficial – during the cooler months ahead and on into the winter.

Above all, this time of year is perfect for reviewing your future program needs. Just give us a call – we’ll be happy to review our suggestions and ideas with you. It’s never too early to schedule services for next year. And no matter what the season, we’re always here with the professional, prompt, and courteous service you deserve.

So, once again, thank you for your business, and thank you for sharing our desire to create a green and growing environment for you and yours.

Winter Landscapes Can Be Beautiful Too!

Gray skies and gloomy weather are the norm for most of the winter season, but that doesn’t mean your
property needs to look drab. You can easily add some “cold-weather flair” to your landscape with the
right plantings this fall. There are plenty of plants that will provide attractive colors, shapes and textures throughout the winter months. Consider some of the

Evergreens are an obvious choice for keeping things green over the winter. Some tried-and-true
favorites include Austrian pine, Douglas fir, white pine and arborvitae.

Winter-blooming ornamental
grasses or flowering plants such as
heaths, heathers and witch hazel
are great for adding a splash of
subtle color.

For colorful berries or winter fruit,
try barberry, cotoneaster, holly or

Eye-catching bark can be found
on birch, Chinese elm, paperbark
maple, shagbark hickory, sweet gum
and sycamore.

Interesting shapes can also add life
to your winter landscape. Beech,
mulberry, weeping cherry and
weeping willow will all stand out.

Regardless of the plants you choose,
it’s important to make sure they can
thrive in the growing conditions on
your property. Also, keep in mind
that they’ll need room to expand as
they mature. With the right plants
in the right places, your landscape
can be a beautiful sight to behold
this winter!