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Pool Design

After deciding to install an inground pool, planning your pool design will become an obsession! Think about some of the elements you’ll need to consider…

In addition to the things that you need to think about, your pool experts at Blue Tree will be thinking about what needs to happen behind the scenes – the structural elements of your pool design. Construction elements, from excavation to plumbing to installing your pool deck, will be part of the detailed pool design plan that we’ll create for you.

Pool Landscape
Deciding how to landscape the area surrounding your pool is another design element that Blue Tree can help with. We consider your pool installation in the broader context of creating an outdoor living space that suits your needs. That’s where we differ from most pool contractors.

Landscaping around your pool comes with some special considerations. For example:

These are just some of the things that we can help you with as your pool design plan comes together.

Pool Fencing
One final note. Make sure that your design plan includes fencing. While fencing is a practical safety concern – and legally required – a pool fence can be incorporated into your landscaping plan to add beauty as well as security to your outdoor environment. We can show you how!

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