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Optimize Your Patio For Music Experiences

There are many factors that go into a successful entertaining experience, and choosing the right music is one of them. However, if the yard cannot handle it, it takes away from the enjoyment. Optimizing your music experience is as simple as understanding your space and personal preferences. Here are some ways to optimize your patio for all-inclusive listening experience in any setting!

Clear Out Space

Be sure to make room for any sound system. Vines and other wall decorations may need to be removed to make room for wire installations. Rearrange furniture as well, in case the music system is an external one, and place it far enough away so that the noise is not a detriment to the surroundings.

Set the Foundation

If overhead speakers need to be installed, it is imperative that the base is solid and will support the system. Check the bases of wooden posts, gazebo posts, and any overhang foundations to ensure the structure’s integrity for heavy equipment to be installed. Metal hinges and support beams can be added to the foundation for extra security; check with a specialist to see what the best options are for your home.

Look At Product Options

There is a litany of choices for types of music systems and their accessories. Look at the patio and decide what kind of sound systems it can accommodate. Run wires through the framework to achieve a clean, smooth look, and pair speakers with televisions to have a more tech-forward look. Another way to control the flow is a mobile speaker system that can be moved from place to place, in accordance with the company or capacity of the space.

One other popular look is the “rock speaker” look, with carefully placed synthetic rocks with speakers embedded in them. There is a lot of room for creativity here! Explore what will add or detract from the aesthetic of your space, and install accordingly.

Get In Control (Or Go Wireless)

Ultimately, the comfort of you and your guests matters most when listening to music. Remote-controlled systems are an easy way to relax and control the music from the comfort of a couch or other sitting area. If the system is hooked up to a television, this action is made even simpler due to the joining of the two remotes for further optimization. ​

Blue Tree Landscaping

Here at Blue Tree Landscaping, we want to ensure a quality audio experience in every corner of your space. Our team of experts has decades of experience outfitting yards with their preferred setups for an optimal listening experience. Get in touch today!

Home Landscaping Ideas Kids Will Love

sumlandkidsloveWhen it comes to landscaping, we often focus on things like curb appeal, and forget to consider one important element: the kids. If there are children in your home, you’ll need to keep them in mind when designing your home landscape. With these great tips, you won’t need to sacrifice style for inclusivity:

Home Landscaping Ideas Kids Love

Chalkboard Fun

Chalk isn’t just for sidewalks. Add an element of eye-catching art with a chalkboard addition to your fencing. You are no longer locked into basic black either. From red to blue, there’s an array of chalkboard paint colors available to complement any landscape style. Simply paint a piece of backer board, and add it to your fence. Then, let the chalk drawing fun begin.


Kids need a place to relax. Swings can provide both a restful spot, and a fun addition to your yard. Purchase a hammock swing, a hanging bowl chair, or even an old-fashioned tire swing. As your kids get older, what may have started out as a children’s plaything will quickly turn into a favorite spot to read, or spend time with friends.

A Day at the Beach

When you can’t make it to the beach, you can still get that sun-kissed feeling at home. Consider integrating a spacious sandbox in your landscape design. Top it with an awning so the kids can build, and play while staying protected from the sun’s rays. Just remember to cover it with a tarp when it’s not in use.

Tree house Fun

A tree house is what you make of it. Whether it’s in an actual tree, or works as a playhouse on the ground, kids can’t resist the appeal of a secret space that’s all their own. Use hardscaping materials that are already found in your backyard landscape to tie it into your overall design.

Musical Fence

Turn that barren spot of fencing into a toddler’s dream come true. Add colorful xylophones. Dig out your battered cake pans or bowls, and add in the pots you no longer need. Then leave wooden spoons or other metal utensils so the kids can drum away on these hanging objects. It’s music to the ears of any creative noisemaker.

Landscaping for the Kids

Don’t forget your children’s needs when working on your landscaping projects. Consult the experts so you can get your yard in tip-top shape for the season, and beyond.

Blue Tree Landscaping is the one-stop shop for everything lawn. From design to maintenance and planning, including pool installation and repair, you can trust in Blue Tree.


5 Ideas for Indoor Plants and Landscaping

5 Ideas for Indoor Plants and LandscapingIndoor plants and indoor landscape design are perfect for bringing the rustic charm of the great outdoors to your home—especially during our long winters. More than simply mood-brightening, there are countless ways to create a stunning indoor design concept, and here are 5 great ideas to get you started:

1. Living Wall

Living walls are all the rage in indoor landscape design, especially in smaller spaces. Also known as ‘vertical gardens’, these structures run from floor to ceiling with spaces on each level to accommodate various plants. If you’re a real foodie you could make an herb vertical garden to give yourself fresh herbs all year round (a bonus in our seasonal Philly climate).

2. Terrariums 

Terrariums are mini gardens contained within a decorative glass or plastic ball. Open terrariums tend to use succulents, while closed terrariums opt for more tropical plants like moss or fern, so they don’t require much on-going work. By hanging several terrariums in close proximity you can create an enchanting appearance of  floating worlds—much like the floating islands of Pandora from the movie Avatar.

3. Ferns 

Ferns offer a classic look and are perfect for forgetful gardeners, as they don’t require much upkeep; they’re very forgiving if you forget to water them.

4. Indoor Water Gardens 

Indoor water gardens take a little more effort to set up as you need the enclosure and water-based plants (and possibly a small fish like a beta). The effort is certainly worth the reward, as these are true indoor statement pieces.

5. Natural Air Purifiers

There are a number of indoor plants that will act as a natural air purifier. These include plants like mass cane, weeping figs, english ivy, aloe vera, snake plants and peace lilies.


While indoor landscape design is certainly a phenomenal way to imbue your home with a bucolic calm, it does require some forethought. As a final thought, here are a few important things to consider about indoor planting before you invest:

Light – You’ll need to select plants based on their light needs in relation to where in the home you’ll be placing them. For example, if you have a somewhat dark hallway then you’ll need to plant a low-light plant like a philodendron, Boston fern, peace lily or another low-light option.

Fragrancy – While the smell of fresh flowers is beautiful, certain plants can be overpowering in smaller rooms. If fragrance is your goal then look for fragrant plants like scented geraniums, Arabian jasmine, eucalyptus trees, sweet bay shrub and passionflower.

Pets – There are many indoor plants that are poisonous to cats and dogs, so if you have pets be sure to choose accordingly. Examples of pet-unfriendly plants are daffodils, easter lilies, English ivy, peace lilies, oleanders, and philodendron.