Irrigation systems mean less work and higher payoffs!

Blue Tree LandscapingSummer is supposed to be a time of relaxation. It’s also supposed to be a time of beauty, with gardens of vibrant reds, blues, yellows and greens in full bloom. Cultivating that beautiful garden, however, can be quite the hassle. Not only is routine watering necessary, but you also have to prepare for droughts and periods of higher-than-average heat.

At Blue Tree Landscaping, we want you to have both the beauty and the relaxation. One way you can reduce your gardening workload is to invest in an automated irrigation system.

Just the right amount

“The more the merrier” does not apply when it comes to watering your plants. Too often, above ground and manual irrigation methods oversaturate your garden. Just as destructive as forgetting to water the plants, though, is is watering too often. This can deplete the plants’ nutrients as they get lost with the run-off. On the other hand, you can calibrate your irrigation system to water the right part of the plant with the right size water droplet. As opposed to the spray of a hose, irrigation systems spread smaller water droplets that can hit the roots instead of the leaves. This is key, as standing moisture on the leaves fosters diseases, while large water droplets can compact the soil and damage the roots.

Of course, watering too much also means wasting your time. With some simple planning, you can set up an automated watering routine with your irrigation system tailored to your specific watering needs.

Less water, less money, more value

Time is money, and so is water. As mentioned, a properly calibrated irrigation system cuts water usage in two ways: the frequency of the watering and the size of the water droplet. The more efficient your irrigation system, the more efficient your budget. It’s as simple as that. In addition, implementing an irrigation system also creates value for your property.

Proper installation with Blue Tree

Installing an efficient irrigation system is no small task. More goes into the design than you might think. Ensuring uniform watering requires appropriate spacing, and this can only be achieved with an accurate analysis of your lawn or garden’s needs.

Efficiency isn’t the only goal, however. Safety is a big concern when it comes to irrigation system installation, as electronic sensors and timers are critical components of any irrigation system.

Thankfully, Blue Tree has a team of experts ready to safely and efficiently install your irrigation system. Call us today to discuss your lawn’s unique needs!

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