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Commercial Landscaping Services from Blue Tree

Blue Tree offers property managers and commercial property owners a full range of landscaping and snow removal services.

When it comes to curb appeal, commercial property owners need to be just as concerned about first impressions as a homeowner does. Whether your property is an office building, an apartment building, common areas in a condominium complex, or a shopping area, the proper landscape design can create a welcoming environment for tenants and visitors alike. Maintaining your outdoor space is the sign of a well-cared for property. People will notice.

The Commercial Landscaping Challenge
Commercial owners face many of the same challenges as residential property owners, only on a grander scale. The landscape design should be planned out, with consideration given to site conditions, drainage, sun and shade requirements of the plant material being installed. Consider shrub and flower selection that complements the space, creating eye popping areas of color, or the clean lines of tailored hedges. Whatever your style, Blue Tree can accommodate the look you have in mind.

And don’t forget about lighting up your landscape. Not only does this create nighttime curb appeal, it’s a practical safety consideration. Entryways and walkways should be well lit to provide tenants and their guests safe passage.

Another key question for commercial properties is maintenance of the landscape once it’s installed. Outsourcing this upkeep to the experts at Blue Tree will guarantee that your outdoor spaces will look their best year round.

In short, we can help with all of your landscaping needs.

Snow Removal Services
If you’re a commercial property owner, you know that the burden of a winter storm hits you in many ways. Heating issues, back up of ice and snow under the eaves, ice buildup on walkways and road surfaces. The joys of winter!

Blue Tree’s crews can take the burden of snow removal off of your shoulders. We provide our commercial customers with fast and efficient snow removal services, making sure that your tenants and their visitors have clear access to your buildings despite the weather. Guaranteed!

Whether you’re looking for a total transformation of your outdoor space, or on-going help with maintaining your grounds, Blue Tree can help. Call us today at 610-222-0590 and experience the difference Blue Tree can bring to all of your commercial landscaping needs!

Call us today at 610.222.0590 for all of your landscaping needs!