Don’t Let Your Landscape Go Down the Drain!

We all need water, and your lawn and landscape are no different, but you can have too much of a good thing. Standing water in unintended spaces is unsightly, and poor drainage can drown root systems, hindering the growth and health of trees, shrubs and turf. Without proper drainage, puddles can become pools and encroach on walkways and driveways. Without a place to go, storm water can turn a turf area into a muddy, swampy mess.

Root systems still need oxygen, and prolonged inundation cuts off their oxygen supply.

Drainage solutions come in many forms. Before seeking assistance, it’s good to check that you don’t have any blocked drains on your property that are causing your landscape to retain water. Proactive solutions can include anything from simple additions of soil to redirect the water in a better direction to planting water-tolerant trees and perennials that will help utilize the excess moisture.

Installing a new drainage system that is designed for your specific property is a surefire way to correct drainage issues in the landscape.

Custom-designed drainage systems are more involved but highly effective at collecting rainwater underground and then routing it downhill to a less problematic location. If you have a recurring issue with drainage that is limiting your ability to enjoy your landscape, a comprehensive assessment of your drainage issue is the first step to taking back your landscape.

Now is a great time to address drainage issues on your property. Contact us today to schedule an on-site consultation.