In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous. -Aristotle
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What Landscapers Do

If you look up “landscapers” in the dictionary, you’ll find a vague definition about someone who arranges items in a landscape or garden attractively. If you ask us, not a very useful definition!

Our role as your landscaper has expanded far beyond routine lawn maintenance and planting a few flowers. Today, our clients are looking for services that cover a broad variety of outdoor projects from lawn care to patio design and installation to comprehensive landscape design.

Design, Installation and Much More!
Blue Tree clients appreciate our creative, practical, and personal approach to custom landscaping. Our goal is to create a beautiful landscape design that will enhance your life and grow increasingly magnificent over time.

Personalize Your Landscape
Take a moment to think about what you want in your landscape.

Your ideas will help our landscape architects personalize your landscape plan.

Garden Landscape
Planting beds vary in shape and size depending on your requirements and preferences. They can be used to create an informal or formal garden, line a driveway or establish a privacy buffer. At Blue Tree, each plant is individually hand-selected for quality and carries a one-year warranty.

A fence is said to be the “picture frame” of your property, identifying you and your family to the neighborhood. At Blue Tree Landscaping, we will turn your outdoor living space into an extension of your home with a fencing solution that is beautiful, yet functional and durable.

Trees & Shrubs
Hand selected for height, hardiness, seasonal interest, shade, deer resistance, and screening, trees and shrubs may be used as foundation plantings, in islands or borders, and as individual specimen plantings.

Garden Lighting
Landscape lighting extends enjoyment of your landscape into the evening while adding security for your property and convenience for you as a homeowner. Appropriate lighting is an integral part of the landscape for both practical and esthetic reasons.

Spring/Fall Clean-Up and Beyond
Lawn care is often on our mind at the start of the growing season and at the end. Mulch, plant care, pruning, edging, winterizing beds, and leaf clean-up are all services that Blue Tree provides to our clients. In order to maintain a green and weed free lawn, we also work with our clients on an on-going basis on customized turf maintenance programs.

When hardscaping – a patio, retaining wall or similar structure – is incorporated into your landscaping plan, you can increase your usable living space, and enhance the beauty of your trees, shrubs and flowering plants. If you’re thinking about adding a patio or hardscape element to your lawn, don’t call a stone mason! Call your landscaper and build a plan that incorporates this timeless element in a way that enhances the value of your home.

In Ground Swimming Pool
Just like your hardscape plan, if you’re considering building an in ground pool, turn to Blue Tree for expert advice on how to incorporate a pool into your outdoor environment. When you hire a landscaper with the expertise to install your pool, you’ll get a package that integrates your water feature with your overall landscape design plan, which produces a more cohesive look and feel to your outdoor space. A pool company offers only a part of the story. You’ll find a more comprehensive solution with Blue Tree, without breaking your budget.

Site Work
Correcting drainage problems, adjusting swales, grading, and excavation. Landscapers can correct all of these structural problems with your outdoor space. Keeping water away from your house is an important maintenance measure. There is nothing quite as destructive as water damage inside your basement or your home. Often times we can correct water issues by regrading your yard to pull water away from your home. If you’re having a structural issue with your yard, talk to us to find out what your options are.

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