Pool Renovation

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Pool repair is a fact of life for families who have an in ground swimming pool that has been part of the landscape for a while. You know what we’re talking about. Small cracks grow a little larger. Maybe the pool needs to be resurfaced. Tiles crack. Your pool deck, which looked great when your pool was first installed, now looks a little “tired”.  Whatever your pool renovation issue, Blue Tree can help.

Updating your Pool

Pool Repair. Yes, your existing in ground pool can be updated. Maybe the pool needs to be resurfaced. An update to your pool deck can freshen the look of your outdoor space without a total makeover. Add some attractive landscaping to the project, and you have transformed your backyard without breaking the bank!

Pool Maintenance

To keep your pool repairs to a minimum, make sure that you develop and follow a maintenance routine on a regular basis. Here are some tips from the in ground pool experts at Blue Tree:

  • Chemicals – check your chemical levels regularly and adjust your chemical applications accordingly.
  • Check your pool pump – make sure your pump is free of debris, including hair and lint. A well-functioning pump will keep circulation at optimal levels.
  • Inspect your drains and filters – in addition to obvious problems like a leaking drain, you want to check your drains and filters regularly to make sure that they are in place and functioning properly. A missing drain cover can create a real safety hazard, so any problems noted should be corrected promptly!
  • Brush your pool – brushing the walls of your pool can help prevent some serious maintenance problems down the road. You need to clean off microscopic debris from your pool walls/tiles as well as your pool floor. Failure to follow through on this maintenance step can result in algae problems as well as hard scaling on your pool’s surfaces, which will require help from a specialist to remove.
  • Keep your pool clean – regular cleaning, removing leaves and other debris, with netting or a vacuum system, will create a welcoming environment for anyone who uses your pool. Neglecting this easy step can spiral out of control, creating a more serious maintenance issue.
  • Cracks – check your pool surfaces regularly for cracks, as well as your pool decking. Sometimes, small cracks can form where your pool meets your decking. Keep in mind that water travels. Make sure you fill these cracks to avoid water damage to your pool deck.

If your pool needs to be updated or repaired, Blue Tree is your answer. We’ll be happy to work with you and protect your investment. Call us at 610/222-0590.

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