New Year, Better Lawn

While lawn care may not be at the top of your to-do list this winter, you don’t want to neglect your landscape during the cold months. Winter weather puts grass, trees, and other plants in a state of dormancy. Want a more luscious lawn than ever before in the new year?

Here are some lawn care steps you can take to prepare for the spring.

Get rid of debris

Tidying up your landscape in the winter makes for a healthy lawn and garden in the spring. Prep your lawn by cleaning up twigs, leaves, and other debris that has gathered and settled over the winter months. We recommend using a rake or an air blower to quickly gather debris.

Apply fertilizer, and pre-emergent

In the early spring, your grass will be hungry and weak. It’s important to provide all of the care and nutrients it needs with a combination of fertilizer and pre-emergent. 

You’ll find that most products offer a combination product that contains both pre-emergent and fertilizer. 

Mow early and often

Once the warmer weather returns, it’s important to mow your lawn early and often. Cutting the grass after letting it grow too high stunts the roots. This impacts reproduction and means slower growth for the rest of the season.

Wait to seed until the fall

It’s all too tempting to fill brown patches and bare spots in the spring. However, if you’re putting down seed while you’re applying pre-emergent or weed killer, chances are that the seeds won’t germinate.

The best thing to do is to fertilize the lawn. In a few weeks, you’ll see grass growing in the bare spots. For larger spots, you can consider adding organic soil, grass, seed, and straw to the area or waiting until the fall to put down seed.

Use good quality mulch

After your lawn has been mowed and fertilized, now is a good time to tackle the rest of your landscape. Use the early spring months to trim dead branches. Put down a layer of hardwood bark mulch to keep weeds at bay while also giving your landscape a polished look.

Contact us today to make your lawn as good as new

Don’t let the winter months impact the appearance and health of your landscape in the new year! Our professional lawn care and landscaping experts can help you bring out the best in your lawn for 2022. Contact us today to get started!

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