Timely Planting

Living landscaping such as shrubs and trees is a big investment in your home. When handled wisely, these landscape elements can mature into prominent aspects of your property that can be enjoyed for years and even decades. When planning new landscape additions, proper timing goes a long way. Planting in the fall gives new trees Read More

Rejuvenate Your Turf

By this time of year, your lawn’s turf often looks a bit worse for wear. Heat, drought, and excessive traffic can all wear down your lawn and leave you wondering what can be done. Fortunately, the natural cycle of the seasons takes care of much of this. The cooler temperatures and increasing rainfall of autumn Read More

Tuning Up For Summer Entertaining!

It’s time to think about your plans for outdoor summer entertaining. Firing up the grill, wiping down the patio furniture and having plenty of fuel for the fire pit are all part of getting ready for long, enjoyable evenings with family, neighbors and friends. Here are a few basic ideas to consider. DECK/PATIO AREA Is Read More