Dealing with Problem Slopes in the Landscape

Is your property on a grade? No matter how good it looks, a steep, sloping yard isn’t very functional. If a steep yard has kept you from installing that planting bed, patio or children’s play area you’ve always wanted, a retaining wall may be the answer. Retaining walls hold back soil that might otherwise slide Read More

Enhance Your Evenings with Landscaping Lighting

In planning your landscaping, don’t forget what your yard will – or could – look like after the sun goes down. The right lighting can add an entirely new dimension to your landscaping that will increase both the functionality and visual appeal of your outdoor spaces. Lighting can use your larger landscape features and your Read More

Beating the Heat with Outdoor Cool Spots

Hot summer temperatures can make being outdoors a less-than-enjoyable experience. With a little imagination and planning, your yard can be transformed into a cool, comfortable retreat from the heat. LANDSCAPING FOR SUMMER COMFORT All of the plants in your landscape are capable of absorbing heat and cooling the air. The trick is to make sure Read More


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