Reseed and Repair

While green grass and summer seem to go hand in hand, those long, hot days can take a serious toll on the health of turfgrass. Drought and intense heat put a heavy stress on lawns. The one-two punch of thunderstorm downpours followed by scorching sunlight can “fry” and destroy entire sections of grass. By the Read More

I Like Your Style

Similar to interior decoration, outdoor landscaping is most impressive when it has a unified style. Patios, beds, hardscaping, and plants themselves all have maximum effect when they share a common design or theme. You can employ a wide range of styles when planning your outdoor spaces. The formal garden look with precisely symmetrical and manicured Read More

Getting Over Grubs

Grubs – they’re almost as ugly as the damage they cause. These pests are so sneaky that it’s often difficult to even know they’re doing damage until it’s too late. Worse yet, the healthiest lawns are the tastiest for grubs. Grubs come from several kinds of beetles, and there are varieties nearly everywhere. One type, Read More