Getting Over Grubs

Grubs – they’re almost as ugly as the damage they cause. These pests are so sneaky that it’s often difficult to even know they’re doing damage until it’s too late. Worse yet, the healthiest lawns are the tastiest for grubs. Grubs come from several kinds of beetles, and there are varieties nearly everywhere. One type, Read More

Natural Privacy

Landscaping and hardscaping such as porches, decks, and yards are extensions of your living space. With established outdoor living areas, your home extends beyond the walls of your house. To feel comfortable, however, you need privacy. Walls and fences create privacy, but they can be too confining and expensive. Landscaping for privacy using “living screens” Read More

Kick Off The Year With Spring Cleanups

In the early spring, your yard is similar to an empty canvas waiting to be filled with color and texture. To make sure that it ends up being the piece of art you want it to be, it pays to start with a clean slate. A thorough spring cleanup is a key first step to Read More