Landscaping Assets

Living landscaping is one of the best ways to beautify your property and accent your home. Cosmetics, however, just scratch the surface when it comes to the many benefits of landscaping. Landscaping also carries with it ecological benefits by purifying both air and water. Plants’ natural process of photosynthesis removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere while providing oxygen. When trees, shrubs, or other plants process water, they filter out impurities before eventually depositing clean water back into the earth. Landscaping provides a home for a wide spectrum of wildlife.

Trees and shrubs also provide practical benefits that may not have occurred to you. In addition to cooling the air in your yard, trees provide shade that can dramatically cool your home. By protecting your house from direct sunlight, trees can take a significant bite out of your electricity bill. In a similar fashion, evergreen shrubs planted close to the base of your house can insulate your foundation and help reduce heat loss in the winter. As your landscaping matures, so do its aesthetic and practical benefits, adding to your property value with each passing year.

Finally, tending to your lawn and garden is good for your health. Fresh air and exercise is good for your body. Many claim yard work to be relaxing and even therapeutic. Landscaping can be gorgeous, but that’s just one of its benefits. The environmental, economic, and health benefits of a living landscape make it a worthwhile investment.

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