Cool It Down

On a scorching summer day, nothing is more inviting than your own swimming pool. In the midst of your hot, hectic summer routine, a swimming pool can transform your backyard into a private oasis. A pool gives you the opportunity to relax by yourself or host eager guests. Pools loosen up your busy schedule by giving you a reason to spend your leisure hours at home. They allow you to have a summer’s worth of mini-vacations in your own back yard.

Pools come in several sizes and shapes. They can be tailored to fit in with your existing hardscaping and landscaping and can employ a wide range of styles. Rocks can be used to connect your existing landscaping to the pool. One of the more dramatic features you can add is a waterfall cascading over a series of boulders into your pool. On the other end of the spectrum, sharp detail and fountain effects can be used to turn your pool into a moving, flowing work of art. Whatever specific design you choose, now is the time to start planning a future of cool and relaxing summers.

Amazing Outdoor Living

Now is a great time to start making plans for outdoor entertaining. In addition to hosting gatherings, your outdoor living space can be designed to be an area of quiet relaxation as well. Several elements work together to create your own unique outdoor living space. Here are a few ideas to consider.


Is your outdoor living and entertaining space big enough to comfortably accommodate everything you like to do? Sitting, eating, cooking and hosting guests all require a certain amount of space. Thinking through all the possible uses for your patio or deck can help you begin to imagine how it could be improved or possibly expanded.


For the food and cooking enthusiast, the only thing better than creating a feast is doing it outdoors. From simple to elaborate, there are options to meet every taste and budget.


Great for both the front and back yards, landscape lighting offers more than just aesthetics. Professional lighting ensures better safety and allows you to continue your fun long into the night. It is especially important to consider good lighting on paths from the front to the back yard, so guests can clearly see where they’re stepping.


Outdoor fireplaces and smaller fire pits are the perfect party features for socializing long after the sun goes down.


There’s nothing like the gentle sound of running water to make even the warmest days feel cooler. The ambiance added by moving water is like no other. Many artistic or natural-looking water features exist, from tinkling fountains to babbling brooks and pond-less waterfalls.

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