Update A Walk or Patio With ‘Flair’


Two of the most common needs in both new and established landscapes are improved walkways and enlarged outdoor seating areas.

One of the best landscape materials to handle these needs while adding warmth and welcome are paving stones. These stones are reminiscent of cobblestones but are far more uniform in size and shape. They come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, and are widely used in both home and commercial landscapes.

A well designed walkway allows two people to walk side by side. Most builders install walks that are far narrower. Or how about the edges of the driveway where people have to step into the grass on either side?

Paving stone “landing strips” and replacement or additional walks are two ideal uses for pavers. Extending or replacing a patio with pavers will add living space while vastly improving the look of your outdoor entertaining, cooking and seating areas.

Managing Mosquitoes

There’s nothing like the sting of a mosquito bite to ruin an otherwise lovely summer evening. Sprays, citronella candles and bug zappers can provide some relief. Sometimes, however, that’s not enough. For even better control, you can take steps to prevent these pests from breeding in the first place.


The “magic” ingredient that allows mosquitoes to breed is water. More specifically, mosquitoes lay their eggs in standing water, and the eggs hatch in just a day or two. Since many generations of mosquitoes are capable of breeding in your yard, it makes sense to remove any sources of standing water that aren’t absolutely necessary.

• Old tires, cans, bottles, jars or buckets should be drained, turned upside down or removed.
• “Kiddie pools” should be emptied weekly, or stored indoors when not in use.
• Leaky faucets that allow water to collect underneath should be repaired.
• Bird baths should be changed often (once or twice per week).
• Pets’ water dishes should be emptied and refilled daily.These simple steps can help to reduce the mosquito population around your home. When you consider that mosquitoes can spread diseases to humans, and heartworms to pets, it will be well worth the time spent!
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