Landscape Lighting

Your enjoyment of your lawn and landscaping does not have to stop once the sun goes down. Landscape lighting allows you to enjoy your property around the clock. With some thoughtful placement, your lighting can create stunning effects that make your landscaping stand out at night.

Trees by Night

The size, type, and location of your lights work together to create endless lighting possibilities. Lighting plants and shrubs from behind can create a silhouette effect, whereas lighting your landscaping from the front will illuminate the plants themselves and can also cast shadows onto your house.

Lights which shine onto a tree or shrub from the ground up create a much different look than lights that are placed high in a tree and shine downward. The best lighting array for your landscaping depends on the existing landscaping as well as the effect that you are trying to achieve. For you the homeowner, it is a chance to be creative as you put together a lighting layout that transforms your nighttime landscape.

Visual appeal is not the only reason to invest in landscape lighting. A well-lit property deters would-be intruders. Without the cover of darkness, your home is an unattractive target for break-ins. Lit walkways and steps also make the outside of your home safer for guests to negotiate. Sunset doesn’t have to be the end of the day for your yard – light it up!
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