3 Myths About Owning a Swimming Pool

3 Myths About Owning a Swimming Pool

Do you have friends or family trying to talk you out of buying a swimming pool? Odds are, even if they have never owned a swimming pool, they’re full of advice and reasons why you shouldn’t get one. Well, we are here to help dispel those myths about pool ownership. Here are 3 common myths about pool ownership and why they simply aren’t true.

“Pools Require Frequent Repairs”

This is probably one of the top reasons people will give you. They say that pools are constantly breaking down and need repairs to keep them going. The money that it costs simply doesn’t make it worth it.

The truth is that a quality pool built by professionals like Blue True Landscaping seldom needs repairs if you keep up on the recommended maintenance routines and care properly for your pool. This doesn’t prevent all repairs. Sometimes mechanical systems breakdown. However, with regular, routine maintenance you’ll be able to take care of potential problems before they become big.

“Pools Are Expensive to Operate”

There are costs associated with owning a pool. Water, power for heaters and pumps, as well as chemicals do require a monthly investment. However, if you look at the cost of those items and compare it to the amount of time your pool is available to enjoy, you’ll see that you’re actually getting quite a bargain. Particularly if you compare it to other recreational things like a boat, RV, or expensive vacations. When divided by the number of days of enjoyment, the cost to operate a pool is much less than what you would pay for those other things. Plus, pools are just easier and more convenient to enjoy!

“Pools Take Too Much of Your Time”

Are you being told that you will spend every hour that you are not at work taking care of your pool? Many people, particularly those who have never owned a pool, assume that a pool requires a large amount of time for maintenance. That simply isn’t true.

Most pools only require an hour or two a week in order to keep them in great shape. Making sure that the chemicals are properly balanced is one of the most important jobs, but it doesn’t take a large amount of your time and is much easier than you might think.

If you compare your upkeep time to your enjoyment time, you’ll find that you spend much more time having fun with your pool than you do cleaning and maintaining it. In fact, as long as you don’t let things get out of hand, you won’t spend much time at all.

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