I Like Your Style

Similar to interior decoration, outdoor landscaping is most impressive when it has a unified style. Patios, beds, hardscaping, and plants themselves all have maximum effect when they share a common design or theme.

You can employ a wide range of styles when planning your outdoor spaces. The formal garden look with precisely symmetrical and manicured shrubbery is one motif. A more realistic style that requires much less maintenance is the overgrown English garden. Becoming popular as a reaction to traditional formal gardens, English gardens celebrate nature with crowded, varied plant beds in irregular shapes.

Several other historic European styles exist, as well as modern and American motifs. Sculpture-like water elements and geometric hardscaping coupled with well-placed lighting can make your backyard stunning and sleek. A deck of rough-hewn wood or logs surrounded by miniature evergreens can provide a rustic, log-cabin feel.

Many homeowners like to have their landscaping and hardscaping fit in with the overall design of their house. This creates an outdoor living space that truly is an extension of the home. There are no hard and fast rules, however, and you should feel free to explore different options. Landscape and hardscape professionals love the opportunity to create new outdoor spaces that share stylistic elements with their homes. If you have ideas, questions, or are in need of direction, don’t hesitate to reach out!

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