Reseed and Repair

While green grass and summer seem to go hand in hand, those long, hot days can take a serious toll on the health of turfgrass. Drought and intense heat put a heavy stress on lawns. The one-two punch of thunderstorm downpours followed by scorching sunlight can “fry” and destroy entire sections of grass.

By the time early fall rolls around, there are probably sections of your lawn that can use some extra attention. If this is the case, there’s no better time than autumn to repair and rejuvenate a lawn that has been through a rough summer.

Aeration and reseeding are two major types of turf repair, and fall is ideal for both of them. The milder temperatures of fall make it easier for new turf to establish itself before winter dormancy. Seeding thinned-out turf areas around this time of year makes for a healthier, denser lawn next spring. All turf areas, even healthy ones, benefit from aeration. Opening the soil with aeration gives roots room to expand over the fall, as well as better access to water and nutrients.

When it comes to repairing turf, timing is crucial. Summer can be hostile to lawns, while fall is very friendly. Waiting until spring to address turf repairs means missing out on the chance for turf to produce the root structure needed to withstand another hot summer. If the past few months have done a number on your lawn, now is the time to find a remedy.

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