Landscaping Around the Pool

Landscaping Around the Pool

One of the last, and arguably more important, aspects of pool design is the landscaping. It can make a huge difference in the look and feel of the poolscape overall. Because there are many different options available, it’s important to know why landscaping is important and the role it plays in your pool design. 

Aesthetics Improvement

Your swimming pool is a private place that should reflect your personal style. Your family should feel good and happy near the pool area. The best way to do this is to plant trees and beautiful shrubs around the pool to add grace to the visuals.

Choose different heights, colors, and shapes of the trees to enhance the natural beauty of your pool. You can also experiment with the design, material, and color of the floor area and walls in such a way that they complement the plants, the pool design, and the house exterior, as well.

Tips & Tricks

Landscaping accentuates the aesthetics and adds to the functionality that makes it the right choice to consider while building a pool for your happy family. Here are a few tips and tricks to consider:

  • Buy all the materials that adhere to high-quality standards and are durable.
  • Choose the plants based on the climatic conditions of the area so that they bloom and flourish properly.
  • Choose plants that shed less to reduce debris cleaning.
  • The planting bed should be away from the pool to minimize debris falling into the pool.
  • Choose moisture-resistant materials like stones and pebbles to build the pool surroundings and walls, so that they require less maintenance.
  • Plant the trees in strategic locations such that they guard the inside view of the pool to any outsider.
  • Panting taller trees could also help dampen the sound and prevent the sound from being audible to any outsider.

Additional Things to Consider

While landscaping in and of itself won’t necessarily affect the daily function and operation of your pool, it can affect its cleanliness. To ensure safety and reduce maintenance due to debris, it is important to invest in a good pool cover. 

Your pool area should have enough landscape lighting incorporated into the design so that you can have a beautiful and welcoming ambiance at dusk and beyond surrounding your poolscape. Accent lighting specifically accentuates any landscaping you want to share the spotlight with, whether it’s your pool, a unique tree or a well-designed area. Be proud to show off the gorgeous space. 

Your Montgomery County Landscaping Experts

Your outdoor landscaping is an important part of the pool design process and shouldn’t be underestimated. Be sure to explore all the different options of landscaping and find a style that makes for a seamless transition between the living landscaping and your pool. For more information about how to incorporate landscaping into your pool design, be sure to contact the professionals at Blue Tree Landscaping today. 

About Blue Tree Landscaping

Blue Tree Landscaping proudly creates custom outdoor living spaces while respecting and enhancing the natural beauty of your surroundings. We specialize in providing Montgomery County the best inground pool design and construction, as well as serve as the area’s expert in landscape design. For more than 36 years, Blue Tree Landscaping has been dedicated to providing Skippack, Collegeville and the surrounding areas with superior customer service, quality pool construction and beautiful outdoor living areas meant to be enjoyed for years to come. You can expect personalized service in all that we do and the kind of care that has been built on a reliable reputation since 1983.

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