New Year, New Projects

In the middle of winter, barbecues and summer evenings on the patio feel like a distant daydream. It is useful (and encouraging) to remember that warm weather is closer than it seems and that the preparations you make this winter will make for a memorable summer.Now is a great time to think back to how you used your outdoor spaces this summer. When it comes to outdoor living, what did you enjoy about your patio area? What could make it better? The first step to meaningful improvements for your landscape and hardscapes is imagination and planning.

Perhaps you’d like to expand your patio footprint or add features such as a fire element. You may have realized that the space could use some more greenery or some flower beds. Whatever improvements you have in mind, all projects begin with a plan.Winter is ideal for determining what you want and what is feasible as you flesh out a plan for improvement. With materials scarce and contractors booked, there’s no such thing as “too early” when it comes to landscape and hardscape projects, so don’t hesitate! Warm-weather fun begins with winter planning.

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