Landscape Design Trends to Transform Your Home

Landscape Design Trends to Transform Your Home

Wherever you live, the natural landscape plays an essential role in your home’s aesthetic and believe it or not, your own peace. According to a recent study, the average person spends about 14 hours a week outside. Why wouldn’t you invest in your home’s landscape design to not only make it more visually appealing but also a place you’re excited to kick back and relax be it by the pool or just enjoying a nice dinner al fresco?

If you’re searching for new ideas to spruce up your outdoor oasis, look no further. Read on for a few landscape design trends that are sure to breathe life into your property. 

Lighting, Lighting & More Lighting

If you drive around neighborhoods to get landscaping ideas, don’t forget to drive around at night, too. Take note of how the lawns you love look at night. The likelihood is they feature strategically placed uplighting that showcases beautiful trees, the home’s pillars, or full shrubs. When installed correctly, landscape lighting will surely make an impact and an added “wow factor” to your home by creating focal points for people to see once the sun goes down. 

Don’t underestimate the power of pathway lights. Lighting the pathway that leads to your front door not only allows you to safely navigate your way to your home, but it also creates a welcoming ambiance for guests or an elevated curb appeal for those who pass by. 

Incorporate Native Plants

Do you struggle with the upkeep of the more popular outdoor plants? Making a switch to native plants can be an easy solution while also benefiting the environment. Native plants require less maintenance and leave you time to enjoy the greenery around you. Natural pollinators usually depend on these plants for their survival. Incorporating these plants will save you time and money, and even bring in some buzzing little bees. 

Living Fences

Shrubs, trees, grasses, flowers, and even bamboo can be a natural alternative to fences. Everyone wants a little privacy while spending time in their yard, and incorporating plants as a natural fence is a stylish and innovative solution. You can be creative with the plants you choose and even pick plants that offer homes for native pollinators. 

Your Montgomery County Landscaping Experts

Ever since the pandemic, our yearning to spend time outdoors has grown more than ever. Your friends and family want to spend time with you in a place they can feel relaxed and surrounded by nature. Taking small steps to implement these landscaping trend designs can improve the appeal of your home and offer you some much-needed peace. 

Give the landscape design experts at Blue Tree Landscaping a call to schedule your design consultation today. Be sure to browse our landscape gallery for more inspiration or start building your landscape design wishlist!

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