Watch out for Summer Lawn Stress

Though the summer season can be a relaxing time of year, it can be very stressful for your lawn. Heat, lack of moisture, humidity, insects, and disease are all by-products of the summer season that can take a serious toll on your turf.As you walk around your yard this summer, keep an eye out for signs of stress. If your turf drifts away from the lush, green look you love, or if footprints remain visible in the turf after you’ve walked on it, your lawn may be suffering from stress due to insufficient irrigation or drought. In addition, brown patches of turf or lesions on grass blades are signs that insects or fungus diseases may be preying on your lawn. 

Consistent Watering Is Crucial

Many of the issues lawns in our area face start due to insufficient moisture. Mother Nature isn’t always reliable, and supplemental watering is almost always needed to keep your lawn looking its best. Watering deeply and early in the day are keys to helping your lawn stay green and growing. 

Every Lawn Benefits from Aeration

Core aeration removes plugs (or “cores”) of soil and thatch from your lawn, making more room for air, water and fertilizer to reach the roots. This will encourage a stronger, deeper root system for healthier, greener growth next spring.The cores left behind will dissolve on your lawn through rainfall or sprinkling. As they dissolve, they will help to break down excess thatch buildup. Heavy thatch can promote fungus disease, provide a home for turf-damaging insects, and make it more difficult for water and fertilizer to reach the root system.

The Next Step Is Overseeding

Aeration becomes an even more effective tool when combined with overseeding. As grass seed is broadcast over your lawn, the holes left behind by aeration will “catch” some of the seed. This will provide better seed-to-soil contact for more successful germination rates. It’s an excellent way to thicken up a thin lawn or add a hardier type of grass to your yard.Lawns can be aerated throughout the late summer and fall, but if you want to supercharge your turf for the future with overseeding, the schedule is a little more particular. We strongly recommend that you contact us as soon as possible to discuss an aeration and seeding plan for this fall. Even though fall feels a ways off, a few minutes of planning now will pay dividends for years to come.

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