Three Causes For A Dry Lawn

 Can’t figure out why your grass is drier than your neighbors? There can be several factors contributing to a lacking lawn that has nothing to do with the heat. Here are three things to look for when inspecting your yard, and a few tips for fixing the issues and restoring your lawn.

1) Uneven Watering

There can be several causes for discoloration in the grass, and one of the most common is uneven watering. Make sure sprinklers and other irrigation systems are hitting the entire surface of the grass. Keep an eye out for tire marks, dogs, or footprints crushing the sod in certain spots, causing the water to pool in the holes and rob other areas of hydration.

Take extra care to water in the early morning or late evening. Watering in the middle of the day can cause the water to evaporate quickly.

2) Bugs and Fungus

A dry lawn can simply be thirsty, but a more harmful cause can lurk underneath the surface. Grubs such as billbugs and webworms spread quickly and can do serious damage to the lawn if left unchecked. In addition, funguses can take the form of dry spots, rings, or patches. If you suspect there may be an infestation or infection of any kind, consult with a lawn care specialist to distribute chemicals, treatments, or extermination services as needed.

3) External Factors

Sometimes the cause for a dry lawn can come from above the surface. Does the family car skim one corner of the lawn with its tires? Are there dogs in the neighborhood that do their business on your grass? Even direct sunlight can cause blades of grass to wilt if there’s too much heat on the surface.

Paying extra attention to the grass and what it’s exposed to on a daily basis will uncover some problems and solutions. Installing a fence around the property will prevent dogs and other smaller outdoor creatures from causing damage. For sunlight and weather factors, sun shades and umbrellas can be moved around to shield the lawn. Plus, they provide a useful, attractive aesthetic for outdoor entertaining.

Get Your Lawn Serviced By Blue Tree Landscaping

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