Hardscape FAQs

When is the best time to plan?

This depends on your time frame of when you would like the project to be completed. If you allow 3 to 6 months in advance of your project deadline, this will allow time to plan, develop a custom design, contract the project as well as getting on schedule

What is a Hardscape?

Hardscape refers to all the non-living elements in landscaping (patios, walkways, retaining walls, pergolas, etc).

What is the difference between Hardscape & Landscape?

Hardscape is the use of non-living elements while landscape is the living things that often soften hardscape projects such as trees, plants, flowers, grass

What’s the benefit in adding a hardscape to my backyard?

Hardscapes are a great way to create and define specifically designated areas throughout your outdoor living space. Patios add extra seating options, outdoor kitchens offer dining al fresco, and gazebos provide sheltered areas for relaxing. These hardscapes create more functional square footage extending your indoors out and add to your home’s overall aesthetic.

What are my hardscaping options?

At Blue Tree Landscaping, we specialize in creating:
Patios and walkways
Firepit / Fireplace
Retaining walls and steps

How much does hardscaping cost?

All projects are unique to your home, therefore we cannot provide an exact cost without an at-home consultation. Give us a call to schedule your design consultation to further discuss your pricing options.

What materials are best for my patio or walkway?

At Blue Tree Landscaping, we offer a variety of materials to choose from for your patio or walkway project, including natural material like flagstone, pavers, bricks, boulders, etc. Our hardscape designers will work with you to determine the best material that fits your needs and budget.

What is the purpose of a retaining wall?

A retaining wall provides structural support to a property that has a slope or hillside. Retaining walls help prevent erosion while also aiding in proper water runoff due to rain. Our hardscape designers can create retaining walls for any space, including areas within your garden, as well as terraced levels.

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