Custom Plunge Pools & Spools

Custom Plunge Pools & Spools

Smaller, Lower Maintenance Pools to Fit Any Backyard

One of the most popular pool design trends are plunge pools also known as “spools” or cocktail pools. Blue Tree Landscaping can design and build any size plunge pool.

Custom Plunge Pools, “Spools” or Cocktail Pools

A plunge pool, spool, or cocktail pool is an excellent choice for those who want to experience the benefits of a swimming pool without the space and maintenance requirements of a traditional pool. These small pools are perfect for lounging, cooling off, and low-impact exercise. They can fit in almost any yard, with customizable dimensions and depth.

Contact Blue Tree Landscaping today to get started on your very own custom plunge pool, spool, or cocktail pool.

Soake Pools

Precast from the highest quality concrete in an NPCA certified plant, these products are delivered to your property fully finished on the inside, ready for quick installation. This shortens on-site build time, saving you time and money.

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