Turf Care FAQ’s

What can I do to help improve my lawn after I sign up?

After your lawn is serviced the technician will put an information card on your door with recommended actions based on their evaluation of the lawn.

How soon can kids and pets return to the grass?

One hour following treatment is an acceptable timetable for lawn re-entry.

What causes brown spots in the grass?

Brown spots in the lawn can be caused by a number of factors including ice, heat, drought, pets, insects and even fungus. A site evaluation is typically required for a proper diagnosis.

What type of grass seed do you use?

We use a blue tag certified blend of turf type tall fescue and perennial ryegrass. Tall fescue is a durable turf that has great drought and heat tolerance for harsh summer conditions. Perennial ryegrass has a dark green color and fine texture for a lush healthy look.

I see a lot of insects around my lawn? Should I contact Blue Tree?

Yes, any creature other than earthworms should be reported to us for an evaluation. Some insects are beneficial to the turf, some are harmless, but there is also a risk of destructive insect activity.

How can I tell if I have grubs?

Grubs cause the most damage to the lawn in August & September when they are actively feeding on grass roots. Skunks and birds digging in the lawn are a good indication that a problem exists. Brown areas or grass rolling up like a carpet is another sign.

Can I cut my grass after I've had a treatment performed? If so, what is the time table?

Your lawn can be cut 24 hours after an application. The granular fertilizer portion of a treatment is not impacted by mowing, however the broadleaf weed control must absorb into the lawn for that time period to work properly.

Do I need to water my lawn after a treatment?

No watering is required. The only treatment that you may want to water in is the grub worm preventative. If you can't water it in, it will sit at the soil line for up to four weeks without losing effectiveness. It is also beneficial to water your lawn frequently after seeding work.

Is the treatment effective if it rains immediately after it was applied?

The only aspect of our treatment which may be affected will be the broadleaf weed controls. Using proper mixing and herbicide stickers, even light showers will have little effect on elimination of targeted weeds.

Will snow cause problems to my lawn after a treatment?

Snow before or after an application will have no effect on the treatment. Snowfall will help to dissolve granular products.

Will Blue Tree treat my lawn if it's covered with leaves?

Our techs will determine exactly what too many leaves to service a lawn are. Scattered leaves will not hurt effectiveness as our granular products will bounce off the leaf and down to the soil.

Should I rake the plugs from my lawn after an aeration treatment has been performed?

Plugs should not be raked off of the lawn. Aeration plugs will dissolve in a short period of time through natural rainfall and mowing schedule.

What are the best times of year to plant grass seed?

August-October is the best time to plant grass seed. This gives it the longest amount of time to mature before harsh conditions. Seedlings are more apt to die off in the summer than the winter so that is why we recommend the fall.

What are the best times to water my lawn?

It is best to avoid watering your lawn during the middle of the day, especially in summer. The combination of moisture and heat on the grass is prone to turf disease issues.

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