Sport Field Management

Sport Field Management

Athletic fields require routine maintenance, repair work, and proper communication with facility managers to maintain optimum plant health and playing conditions for your events. Blue Tree Landscaping can provide care for your fields & complex to best suit your needs & budget.  Whether its football, soccer, lacrosse, field hockey, baseball, softball, and anything in between, Blue Tree prides themselves on keeping the fields they manage ready for the win! 

A well-maintained athletic field is not only aesthetically pleasing but, more importantly, it provides safer conditions to reduce players injuries.

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Seasonal Turf Management Programs

Seasonal Turf Management Programs

Blue Tree Landscaping offers a variety of turf maintenance services to best suit your needs. Communication is the backbone of sound athletic field maintenance. We pride ourselves on working with facility managers to get the most out of your fields year-round. We can build your personalized annual maintenance plan with the following routine services:

  • Fertilization
  • Weed Control
  • Insect and Disease management
  • Mowing
  • In-season check-ups
  • Soil testing & analysis
  • Long term project planning
Seasonal Turf Management Programs
Turf Repair Services

Turf Repair Services

Natural grass fields take a lot of wear and tear throughout the year from games, practices, weather, and other events. We provide a wide range of services to not only repair heavily damaged turf, but to keep your high-profile fields in top condition. Our turf services include:

  • Core aeration & overseeding
  • Deep tine aeration
  • Slit seeding
  • Sod repair
  • Sand & Compost Topdressing
  • Irrigation
  • Drainage solutions
Turf Repair Services
Additional Field Work

Additional Field Work

In addition to turf management, Blue Tree Landscaping also specializes in other services to keep your facility in peak condition. Please see below for a list of services.

  • Baseball & Softball infield management
  • Complex property maintenance
  • Landscaping design & installation
  • Grading & drainage work
  • Patio’s, retaining walls and walkways
  • And much more
Additional Field Work

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