5 DIY Projects To Make Your Pool Area Special

5 DIY Projects To Make Your Pool Area Special

Summer is fast approaching, and the market for pool accessories is booming right now. However, there is a potential in making your own! DIY pool projects not only make for a pool that’s entirely unique, but it provides wonderful bonding activities for your family and an opportunity to get the creative juices flowing. Here are five DIY projects ideas that will make your pool area a special place this summer.

1. Cozy Cushions and Pillows

Sometimes, chairs and couches boast uncomfortable cushions and scratchy fabrics. Instead, try sewing your own! Measure the cushions and choose a fabric that is both durable and appealing to create a seat cover that matches the decor. This is also an excellent year-round project; cover cushions with warm-toned fabrics in the cooler months, and lighter, floral patterns for spring and summer.

2. Create Flower Pot Tables

Terra cotta flower pots aren’t just for flowers anymore! Flip a large pot upside down and transform it into a makeshift end table, to place drinks and other decorations on. Their durable surfaces work well with paint, shellac, and many other craft materials.

3. Personalize with Signs

Let guests know that your pool is yours with a handmade “Welcome” sign. Take a large piece of plywood, sand it, and decorate it as desired. Finish it with Scotchgard or shellac for a long-lasting personal touch. This is a fun way to get the kids involved as well! Label the towels, grill, or other areas with personalized signs.

4. Pool Noodle Projects

Foam pool noodles are a versatile DIY project material. Cut them up and use them as floating candle holders, or strap some together for a water-friendly ice chest for drinks and snacks. Tying them together as a chair is another fun project that children and adults can enjoy. The possibilities are endless!

5. Update Old Furniture For Towel Storage

Pool decks benefit from furniture that is made to hold towels and toys and other water accessories. Instead of purchasing plastic pool deck furniture, refurbishing existing pieces is a fulfilling project to undertake. Take a wooden cabinet or dresser and coat it with weather-resistant protection materials, for a rustic and functional appeal. Indoor chairs and tables can also be converted for poolside use, with the right kind of paint and other outdoor-friendly materials. Repeat the process for drying racks or other types of organization or storage.

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