Irrigation Systems Save Time, Money, Aggravation… and Plants!

Each tree, shrub, vine, flower and grass plant on your property needs adequate water to survive. When rainfall is scarce, keeping everything sufficiently watered can be a challenge. We’ve all been there…dragging hoses around, trying to put the right amounts of water in the right places, and just simply finding the time to do it all can mean that some plants don’t get what they need.

Without enough water, your plants will suffer, and so will your landscape investment. The solution for more busy homeowners these days is to install an automatic irrigation system. Today’s irrigation systems are affordable and efficient. Custom-designed for each property, these systems use underground circuits and valves to take water right where it’s needed.
Sprinkler head choices vary. Drip heads deliver water slowly and precisely to the bases of plants. Pop-up heads spray larger areas evenly. Various configurations are available depending on your specific needs.


• Controllers that automatically turn the various circuits on and off, even when you’re not home.

• Timers that limit watering to the cooler parts of the day when less water will be lost due to evaporation or wind drift.

• Independent station programming to provide certain portions of your landscape with more or less water than others depending on each plant’s specific needs.

• Rain shut-off devices and soil moisture sensors to override irrigation when it’s not necessary.

An automatic irrigation system will help to keep your lawn and landscape lush and green while reducing water waste. It will mean less hassle for you, and less time spent on your watering chores!

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