Planting with Winter Beauty in Mind

Though spring and summer are long gone, your landscape doesn’t have to lose its looks. In fact, there are a lot of plants to choose from that can bring striking beauty and contrast to your property this winter.

To ensure maximum impact, select plants with dramatic colors and features such as attractive barks or colorful berries. Of course, evergreens can always be depended on to spruce up your landscape with green color during winter. But don’t rule out deciduous trees. Even after they lose their leaves, some varieties can provide eye-catching, attractive shapes that will enhance the overall look of your landscape.

For a splash of color, consider planting winter-blooming ornamental grasses or flowering plants. Heaths, heathers and witch hazel will all make beautiful additions to your property. If you’re in need of ideas for your winter landscape, we’ll be happy to provide suggestions. Or, you might want to choose from some of these popular winter plantings:

For colorful berries or winter fruit – holly, barberry, pyracantha and cotoneaster.

Evergreens – Austrian pine, Douglas fir, white pine and arborvitae.

For attractive bark – beech, birch, shagbark hickory, sweet gum, sycamore, Chinese elm and paperbark maple.

Deciduous trees with an attractive shape – weeping willow, weeping cherry, mulberry and beech.

As always, you should stick with plants that match the growing conditions on your property for best results. And as you’re planning your winter display, don’t forget that now is the time to plant spring-flowering bulbs for beautiful color at the end of the cold season.

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