Tuning Up For Summer Entertaining!

It’s time to think about your plans for outdoor summer
entertaining. Firing up the grill, wiping down the patio
furniture and having plenty of fuel for the fire pit are all part
of getting ready for long enjoyable evenings with family,
neighbors and friends. Here are a few basic ideas to consider.


Is your outdoor living and entertaining space big enough
to fit everything you like to do comfortably? Sitting, eating,
cooking and roasting marshmallows all need enough
comfortable space. Thinking through all the things you enjoy
doing on your patio or deck can help you begin to imagine
how yours could be improved or possibly expanded.


Great for both the front and backyard, landscape lighting is useful for more than just aesthetics. Whether you choose lampposts or low-voltage LED lighting, landscape lighting ensures better safety and allows you to continue your fun long into the night. It is especially important to consider good lighting on paths from the front to the backyard so guests can clearly see where they’re stepping.


Water features are popular on many lists of summer landscape design ideas and it’s not hard to see why! There’s nothing like the gentle sound of running water to make even the warmest days feel cooler. And there is a huge variety in ways to introduce water into your landscape. Tinkling
fountains, babbling brooks and pond-less waterfalls are just a few!


Nothing says “welcome” and “enjoy” more than an outdoor kitchen! From simple to elaborate there are options to meet every taste and budget.


If a full outdoor kitchen is too much, maybe an outdoor fireplace will fit your tastes. Outdoor fireplaces – and smaller outdoor fire pits – are the perfect party features for socializing long after the sun goes down.
Whatever your landscape design ideas are – or if you don’t have any but need help preparing your yard for summer parties, just give us a call and we’ll see how we can help.

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